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The red dress, Subway and the confused dancer November 30, 2007

Posted by Mrm in kuwait.

i hate weddings. i have seriously toyed with the thought of throwing myself down a flight of stairs to get out of them. havent yet, but the day will surely come.

[insert painful preparation story here]

then i waited for chirp to pick me up. we were going together to a high school friend’s wedding. ya7lailha Eggy. i genuinely wish her the best, great girl. anyways, she shows up in the cutest fucking red dress i have seen. seriously she looked like that cartoon woman in Who framed roger rabbit.


but smaller and darker with dark hair and stuff. ok maybe that was an exaggeration. ilmohim…

granted i havent been to many weddings, i think i saw the worst dancer of all weird wedding dancers combined.

this middle aged woman in white danced “sharqi”. i put sharqi in quotes because that would be so blasphemous to the English literature.

I think chirpy said it best when she described this dangerously untalented woman in white as “rage9ha half robot and half seizure”. seriously, i have TRIED, but could not think of a better description. ill get u next time chirpss.

so anyways, i dont mean to be insensitive or anything but i am just the messenger telling u ppl what my other friend at the wedding said…”i dont think shes normal. feeha shay”.

looooooooool wtf!

even a friend that sat on the other side of the hall mentioned her when she texted me! -yes, i know im a loser. again, why do i have a blog?

elmohim, mali khilg i explain how she looked, just imagine 1/2 robot , 1/2 seizure.

two of my friends then coincidentally saw her in the bathroom, and they struck up a conversation. apparently, this lady in white is a dance instructor! WHAT STUDIO WOULD HIRE THAAAT!!??!! she is very confused. At BEST, (warning: insensitive image next) she looked like a recovering paralyzed victim of car accident TRYING to walk/skip. disturbing, but true.

moving on, we left the wedding and were so damn hungry i hadnt eaten anything that day so we go to subway.

home, then sleep.


Giftf dayf November 27, 2007

Posted by Mrm in gifts.

i got a lot of little gifts today from my friends Hair & Fajita (p h a y).

dis the gfits. clickf on themmmmm! >:l

Literally, earrings.

literally, earrings.


Homerff =chocolate santas clausef


Coasters from Turkey. thx hair


bored November 25, 2007

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ok ill explain now. according to this online “quiz” (ok i put quiz in quotes because really it is more of an insult to everyone’s intelligence than a quiz) the color of my brain is purple. it says i tend to think with no boundaries, idealist, and like to think of myself in different lives (wtf??!!). and alllll that means purple brain? what the hell am i missing something here??

take the quiz urself. what color is ur brainff?


my brain is purple !!?? November 25, 2007

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and i will explain why tomorrow.

if nunu&kuki were cats November 25, 2007

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HO! November 25, 2007

Posted by Mrm in WTFing.

apparently some idiots think its inappropriate for Santas to say ho ho ho. They now must say ha ha ha. wtf?? lol here’s the article

Sydney, Australia) — The Grinch is trying to steal a part of Christmas in Australia.

Santas across Sydney, Australia are rebelling against attempts to ban their traditional belly laugh greeting of “ho, ho, ho” in favor of “ha, ha, ha”.

Recruitment firm Westaff, which supplies hundreds of Santas across the country, has told its trainees that the “ho ho ho” phrase could frighten children and could even be degrading to women. They say that the phrase was too close to the American slang for prostitute.

This post is dedicated to the infidel chirp. how dare she love a christian holiday! infidel! kill! allaho akbar! lol

just a few days ago she made up a joke and sent it to me… it went something like:

hey mrm… Santa cant say ho ho ho no more, yo mama complained that he was calling her name all the time!

waaaat the heelllll! almost identical to this article and i KNOW she did not read this article before! hehehe

aneeeways enjioyy!

it has happened November 23, 2007

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it has happened… all u rabi3 fans will loooove this… Central Perk coffee house in FRIENDS is now real!

i discovered this and i didnt really read the article, but i know ina its located in Jumeirah, UAE and that Gunther guy that ran central perk in the show is now the spokesperson for the company! look at the sign on the upper far right!

i leik to hafe coffiy with moneeka plzz


i told ppl i have a blog and now they make fun of me November 22, 2007

Posted by Mrm in Uncategorized.

see i knew this would happen…

 anyways… i dont know if any of my 3 readers have showtime but have u seen them encouraging stand up comedy? i thought it was a very good n fresh idea…something new to the community u know? 

showtime in affiliation with some other association/company are hosting an open mic night in hopes of discovering comical talent… here is what most Kuwaitis will probably do:

> gather every phone they have in the house, old and new

> extract all 3arabi nikat they have gotten thru the years. example: im9a6il gal lirifeeha…. / (insert typical family name that has been the butt of jokes for years here) sa2al obooh…./ sakran tehawash ma3a shathi chan….

> read them off his/her phone on stage and asks daddy/3ami/khalti/yaditi/6abakhi to work the wasta to win the competition

yes, i assume the worst in kuwaitis. and yes, my assumptions are in their place.

 on an endnote, i saw the image below and it reminded me of how kuwait handles crisises…lol… enyoooyyyy
kuwaiti cat

i are mrm November 21, 2007

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i have a blog people… it almost shames me to even say it…sorry, i always thought blogs were created by people with nothing better to do…in a sad way. i have nothing better to do because i AM enjoying unemployment. really i am.

dont be expecting much now ok…

yes yes, i found an outta sight cite (i am a loser for saying that but at least its better than thinking that was a kick ass play on words), that has coot ind dsiturbing pics oof cattens and other anemals. njoiy