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i told ppl i have a blog and now they make fun of me November 22, 2007

Posted by Mrm in Uncategorized.

see i knew this would happen…

 anyways… i dont know if any of my 3 readers have showtime but have u seen them encouraging stand up comedy? i thought it was a very good n fresh idea…something new to the community u know? 

showtime in affiliation with some other association/company are hosting an open mic night in hopes of discovering comical talent… here is what most Kuwaitis will probably do:

> gather every phone they have in the house, old and new

> extract all 3arabi nikat they have gotten thru the years. example: im9a6il gal lirifeeha…. / (insert typical family name that has been the butt of jokes for years here) sa2al obooh…./ sakran tehawash ma3a shathi chan….

> read them off his/her phone on stage and asks daddy/3ami/khalti/yaditi/6abakhi to work the wasta to win the competition

yes, i assume the worst in kuwaitis. and yes, my assumptions are in their place.

 on an endnote, i saw the image below and it reminded me of how kuwait handles crisises…lol… enyoooyyyy
kuwaiti cat



1. kuki s'hail - November 22, 2007

mimi mntay 9a7ya and u cant spel..but il stil rape u.fa lat7aten

2. Jenna - November 23, 2007

kuki s’hail lataktibeen any comment cuz i’ll RAPE u!! waaay baklich ;* lool 6a3 wayhi 3abali facebook ;p
mirim u iz cooooot

3. intlxpatr - November 23, 2007

Love your header – post modern Mona Lisa?

Have you blogged before? You sound a little like someone who disappeared.

4. kuki s'hail - November 23, 2007

looool jenna mno;p ntay ili makotch kbeera (7m..7lwa).?ana chne ghazeltch mn gabl?

5. Chirp - November 23, 2007

Me loves stand up comedy. Me is full from the food, brain not functioning

6. Mrm - November 23, 2007

intlxpatr: no im new to this. im bored with it already hehe. i have no clue how my header turned out that way hehe but yeah thx

Jenna: plz stop harassing my family on my blog.

Kuki: plz stop harassing my friends on the blog.

chrp: i just had 1 of ur cupcakes. u gave them to do33 THEY WERE MINE. hate.

7. N. - November 24, 2007

LOL! I believe they will do that, and it might just work..

look at cuute.. xD

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