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bored November 25, 2007

Posted by Mrm in Uncategorized.

ok ill explain now. according to this online “quiz” (ok i put quiz in quotes because really it is more of an insult to everyone’s intelligence than a quiz) the color of my brain is purple. it says i tend to think with no boundaries, idealist, and like to think of myself in different lives (wtf??!!). and alllll that means purple brain? what the hell am i missing something here??

take the quiz urself. what color is ur brainff?




1. Chika - November 26, 2007

I did this quiz ages ago :P It turned out to be Hmm, Red I guess!

2. Amethyst - November 26, 2007

My brain was either blue or green.. I think;p

3. Swair - November 26, 2007

My brain fareed min no3ah… it has many colors *wiggles eyebrows*

4. Navy Girl - November 26, 2007

mine is blue :D wow i mean do you really think your brain could be blue ? or purple ? :P

5. Mrm - November 26, 2007

lol so im not the only loser! all of u took the quizz as well ! haha!

swair: so u have got a rainbow brain? odd!

navy: i think this quiz would have been much more credible if they names the “brain type” based on description… like instead of U HAVE GOT A PURPLE BRAIN, why not U have a wandering brain type…or watever u know… shino blue purple green!

k enuff of my ranting. fff.

6. vixenfatale - November 26, 2007

im purple too : )

7. T - November 26, 2007

You have nothing better to do so you started your own blog.

AHAHAHAHAH… Wish you were still in school huh? :P

and my mind is green btw lol

8. Mrm - November 26, 2007

sadly, i do not have anything better to do. school? yes but for reasons no one will ever expect.

9. T - November 26, 2007

like what?

10. eshda3wa - November 27, 2007

turns out im purple too

11. Navy Girl - November 28, 2007

eee wala thats sounds like it ! :D i wana have a crazy mania brain :D

12. Jenna - November 29, 2007

flue fith ;p my wrrrz brain is blue ;) ashwa 3ala my fav. color lol

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