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Giftf dayf November 27, 2007

Posted by Mrm in gifts.

i got a lot of little gifts today from my friends Hair & Fajita (p h a y).

dis the gfits. clickf on themmmmm! >:l

Literally, earrings.

literally, earrings.


Homerff =chocolate santas clausef


Coasters from Turkey. thx hair




1. Chika - November 27, 2007

fery nithe!! Don’t each the chocolate without taking pics! *drools*

2. Mrm - November 27, 2007

chocolatfe santas clausef will die a very savage deathff

3. Chirp - November 27, 2007


The ear is scurryry
hair is back?! YAAY!

4. N. - November 27, 2007

3awafi, i thought someone got u an “ear” i thought what the heck are u gona do with that!

5. Jenna - November 28, 2007

num num..i’ll c u today ;)

6. Navy Girl - November 28, 2007

heeeeeeeey that ear is sooo scary !

7. eshda3wa - November 29, 2007

thats nice of em


8. Hair - December 1, 2007

Dood, am still not settling in with the nickname Hair.. i dont know why it sounds like COUSIN IT ..!! i dont think kisha hair justifies an entire title under HAIR .. dunno .. well am using the name for it .. c’mon people, be more creative with me…!!

Enjoy the gifts :)

9. Mrm - December 1, 2007

shutup hair.

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