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eeeeexcellent December 2, 2007

Posted by Mrm in lolpets, simpsons.

if Montgomery Burns (Mr Burns from the simpsons for those losers who dont watch simpsons. kil.) had a cat.

Kitty on the right has him down to the T.



^— for those that could not understand this, plz leave and never visit my blog again. praise the simpsons.



1. Jenna - December 2, 2007

coot efol cat…but ur cooter

2. Chirp - December 3, 2007

your a fery angry berson. do u miss me? miss mrm? hehehe im hungry goddamnit!

3. N. - December 3, 2007


4. Chika - December 3, 2007

Meh God!! Them cats are CUTE! I had one that looks like the “gud cat”

5. suspic - December 4, 2007

Your joke was excellent! (pun not intended..or is it? You are confused now! Excell-ent!)

*presses red button to release dogs*

When will Smithers and Burns unite? It’s more exciting than Ross and Rachel. =(

6. Mrm - December 4, 2007


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