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WTFing in the one December 2, 2007

Posted by Mrm in kuwait, out&about, WTFing.


so i was at the one cafe in stupid ass kuwaiti rejectville (marina) and i saw this on display… wtf

on a separate note, i pulled a muscle that no woman should… lets leave it that

on a random note, disturbing dream that i was michael jackson as a child and got it on with a 20 something year old kuwaiti guy. i assume the pulled muscle had something to do with this dream.

cat poo cookies!



1. Jenna - December 2, 2007

hehehe that was the day i watched a cat drown remember? ew and 7aram

2. Mrm - December 2, 2007

ur so WIERD and sick

3. Princess - December 3, 2007

cat poo? wila catpoo? i really dnt see how it’d make a difference, and why does it have to look like that? ya3!

4. N. - December 3, 2007

lol cat poo cookies! :/ That is so sad.

5. Jenna - December 3, 2007

the view was disgusting shasawi, bs ham 7aram ksarat kha6ri. ew

6. Chirp - December 3, 2007

i remember the cat drowning story …
cat poo .. gross.

7. Orangina fadidra - December 3, 2007

cat poo cookies! not that appealing ;s

8. Hair - December 3, 2007

hahahahaha, yeah nasty .. u want the pic of the zombie finger to be even nastier? :P

9. Mrm - December 3, 2007

yes plz hair… ill blog all about it. send me pic

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