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water in places it shouldnt be December 4, 2007

Posted by Mrm in FAT.

so i had an appraisal at the gym today… what came out from that experience?

i learned that i am a camel


i learned that i am a body of water (pun intended, and soon u will know why)


so i go in with my emaciated looking friend. turns out shes a couple of kilograms underweight (bitch), i am not. apparently i have 9 liters of excess WATER in my body. this is what 9 liters looks like:

around 10kg of jismi is unnecessary water! all i have heard my entire life is “water is filling!” , “drink more water!”, “ur body is in constant need of water!” and the mother of all CRAP “U CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH WATER. IT ASSISTS IN WEIGHT LOSS, BETTER SKIN AND BETTER HAIR”. let me tell u something…water has made me at least 10kg overweight, i am losing my hair and getting treatment for it and i have excema. we3.


ps- i tried lemon juice as a substitute for the water i usually drink, i almost had a seizure. too sour.



1. suspic - December 4, 2007

Urine would be transparent though, it’d be cool.

“Am I peeing, or am I not?!

Put your hands in front of you and find out!! =O”

*my first comment about piss.

2. Boocmarc - December 4, 2007


I love how u worded everything. Emaciated friend ha? I know ur jealous! Cuz ur a TANKAR ! HAHAHAHAHA

Mother of all crap :D

Post the actual appraisal sheet, camel :P

3. Mrm - December 4, 2007

suspic- gross…!

boocmarc/HAIR- <— haha fitha7tich! and shutup u beige somalian

4. Mrm - December 4, 2007

boocmarc/HAIR – oh wow tawni astaw3eb ina ive been promoted to camel. thats very good…i wont miss u calling me cow anymore.

5. Chirp - December 4, 2007



Everything in excesss i bad bad bad

mango juice!!!

6. kuki s'hail - December 5, 2007

lol i show my freinds ur blog..and they laugh..(at u)…mimi i miss..iwant sex again plz.

7. Mrm - December 5, 2007

kuki sharafteena bilblog… its ok if they laugh, its hard not to cuz im such a loser!

chirp…hehehe glad someone thought that was funny hehehehe

8. Nwair - December 13, 2007

LOOOOOOOOOOOL !! the beige somalian killed me tooo LOOOOOOOOOL !! i love kuki

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