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a lot of firsts today December 6, 2007

Posted by Mrm in kuwait, out&about, random.

like really…the most random shit happened today…

i got my first massage ever today. Granted it was a foot massage (poor masseuse), i really enjoyed it. it was like someone was flirting with my feet. but then things took a turn… she started punching the soles of my feet… random? jes.

my emaciated friend decided to eat so we went to eat at some burger place…im not really a burjer person bes i liked the food. we were eating when i looked over to a table on my left…i saw a woman that looked like a Mongolian Fooziya ildrai3 with her salad in her hand. no…literally… her salad WAS IN HER HAND. the woman was eating her salad like she would eat a bag of doritos… random? jes.

before we left the restaurant and the salad freak, Emaciaty noticed this girl in her car being weird. so we watched her for a while, stalker style. she had parked and just sat in her car fixing her hair. then she got out and i guess paced around her car for a good five minutes… then she got in the back seat and stayed there. why? i dont know. about ten minutes later she got out of her car and walked to her destination. 7adha random, OCD style… i can imagine her doing that whole routine before she gets out of her car. random? jes. Possibly suffering from OCD? will know when we stalk her some more.

then we went to mbarikya, an array of scents danced in the air. The whole place smelled like a whale that had spent 2 hours jogging and took of its shoes. Not pleasant.


i smelt a hint of 6eeb, but then realized it was some guy walking next to me drinking vimto. the smell of vimto is actually quite nice. moving on, we bought some chmaqat. actually that was an understatement. Emaciaty may have developed a chmaq monopoly. she spent around KD40. the typical chmaq cost KD1-2. Shopping problem? possibly. Fun shopping partner? dangerously.


Emaciaty pointing at some shit she likes. They were quite nice i will post pics of the chmaqat later.

so we walk to the car. i got mokhalafa.

Mrm – 0 , Ministry Of Interior – 6.

the game aint over. bring it MOI bitches.


so… i got a foot massage for the 1st time, saw a lady shoveling lettuce into her mouth using her hands for the 1st time, witnessed automotive OCD for the 1st time and went to mbarikya for the 1st time.



1. chikapappi - December 6, 2007

LOL! what a day! WOHOOO!! Sounds like one of mine I love it! Seriously, Mubrakeya does smell like a stinkin’ fish but it’s great blogging material :) – as for the girl, she’s weird!

2. suspic - December 7, 2007

Did you pass by that sambosa place?

3. Swair - December 7, 2007

haha that was funny..

ever thought that maybe the OCD girl was stalking you (or the emaciated friend)?

Maybe she was fixing her hair for u, then realised you were outside watching, she left the car, chickened out for a few mintes which resulted in car-pacing, then she realised she was being a wuss, so she just opened the car door and went in, not realising it was the backseat. She probably cursed herself loudly in the backseat and then realised that she didn’t have to talk to u, she just had to walk into the damned place, which she did.

She probably stared at u the whole time you were walking to ur car lol

4. Mrm - December 7, 2007

chika- was veryyyy fun!! ana a7b 6al3at 3ayayiz hehe

suspic- what sambosa place? explain!i want!

swair- watch CSI much? lol i doubt she was stalking us. only i am that much of a loser to do that hehe

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