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when i was 11 December 6, 2007

Posted by Mrm in memories, sex.

and my corrupt cousin who shall remain anonymous enlightened me about sex, i had quite a reaction. Had i been a cat instead of a water retentive camel, i would have looked exactly like this.


note: ever notice how its always the COUSIN that teaches you about sex? yes? no? maybe?



1. chikapappi - December 6, 2007


2. Boocmarc - December 6, 2007


3. suspic - December 7, 2007

I heard a friend say it, so I asked and I didn’t quite understand so naive me asked dad..and from thereI started to add more knowledge.

..come to think of it, the friend was a cousin of mine..but studying at public schools educates you more by just entering the bathrooms. I once saw two kids, shorts down, fondling each other in an “explorer” kind of way.

Safe to say I didn’t use the bathrooms ever since..well except the time I opened the door and found a dude doing his thing 7mam 3rabi style.

4. Mrm - December 7, 2007

suspic- waaay too graphic for my taste lol! but yeah i heard kuwaiti boys experiment with each other at young ages… kinda gross but i guess it’s a learning experience for them? no? maybe? i dunno! lol u shud call those two boys u caught Columbus and Magellan ! exploration good! lol

5. N. - December 8, 2007

yess it is always the cousin! :p

6. Chirp - December 9, 2007

umbaih tishbihich bil thab6, with ur shocked face.

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