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gay hippy post December 8, 2007

Posted by Mrm in environment, kuwait.

i was so distracted by the sky today i spaced out and forgot i was going to the gym. i had to detour twice. im such an idiot. anyways, nice sky, yes? no? maybe?







1. suspic - December 8, 2007

Makes you wanna pull the wheel towards you and go “LIFT OFF!”.

..umm..sunshine..ain’t noo sunshine when im goone..

2. Navy Girl - December 9, 2007

wow ! mashala !! thats amazing !!

3. Chirp - December 9, 2007

nice sky …
i read all the entries i missed ..
ho ho ho (who wouldn’t go .. up on the roof top click click click)
thanks for picking me up today :*

4. :::Shayouma::: - December 9, 2007

WAW Amazing!

5. Swair - December 9, 2007

Did you hug a tree too?

6. This Lady - December 9, 2007

lovely! i love the picture! i have a fascination with clouds.

7. jewaira - December 13, 2007

Beautiful photos

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