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to HAIR/Boocmarc/Emaciaty December 8, 2007

Posted by Mrm in emaciaty.

this post is dedicated to F with the person mentioned above. Nickname whore. For those who have read my stories, HAIR/Boocmarc/Emaciaty is one person. Nickname whorrrrrre.

had u been born a dog, this is how u would look like. For those who know her, doesnt this look exactly like her???? be honest im sure mara7 tiz3al. Ha-Ha!


Picture courtesy of Chikapapi & blue dress. dont know u, but thx for letting me exploit ur dog Lolo.



1. Blue Dress - December 8, 2007

loool! hey whose your friend?! lol! 7araaaaam!
P.S she looks like the AMMAN family , the cartoon.

2. N. - December 8, 2007

heheh, mrm! don’t be mean! :p

3. Swair - December 8, 2007

Hmmm.. should either (Lolo or Emaciaty) be flattered somehow?

4. suspic - December 8, 2007

*gets down with the flow*

Hey, don’t insult the dog!!

5. Mrm - December 8, 2007

blue dress – my friend is indescribable… in a good and bad way lol. whats amman family cartoon? not familiar w it

N – u only say thats mean because u know its true or else u would have said heeeey shda3wa or laa kilish malha shighel. Ha-ha!

swair – shoofay flattery is not one of my best suits… so it it isnt flattering to either. LOL. love u emaciaty <:)

6. Boocmarc - December 9, 2007

u r a whore. Jealous cuz ur a cow and i’m hot :P

7. Jenna - December 9, 2007

I love u dumb fights ya khbool!! (mirim and HAIR) ;**

8. chikapappi - December 9, 2007


9. Enigma - December 9, 2007

LOOOOOOOL ! ok she just confirmed that she isn’t upset!

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