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being 3ayooza December 9, 2007

Posted by Mrm in emaciaty, out&about, random.

im a 24 yr old house wife with no husband and no kids. the only places i seem to be going are home related…

was getting our cooks chef outfits (its gay bes i had to), and uniforms were not the only things i saw…

i am aware that the place i went to caters to hotel/home appliances and accessories. i am not aware that it could be so shamefully fun.


leaning tower of jider? pot? huh?


i know some ppl that would need this 24/7.


i find this shoe shining machine very racist. and mita akhir mara shftow hal machine? its so gabel ilghazo.




so many of these shawarma seekhh things. the place looked like share3 ilmi6a3im threw up in there.



white cap, brown leather apron. the mannequin looks more like a cowboy golfer than a chef. yes that was a taste of the chef outfits they have there.


Emaciaty’s finger ringing bell. see that blob with teeth on the bell? that is most likely the reflection of her face.


Emaciaty pointing at the random wonderland; Mabrook liltajheezat ilmanziliya/fndqiya.


Emaciaty would also like to point out that Mabrook is in city centre.


i am on my balcony posting this up for my 9 readers out there, waiting for domestic disturbances, fireworks and/or a a fight to break out. my balcony should have its own show.

also, i just realized emaciaty’s finger is on my blog much too frequently for my taste. Stop fingering my blog Emaciaty.



1. Chirp - December 9, 2007


Hahaha khooosh 6al3a :P Dude mita soog il aqmisha?!? :P Shit man its been 2 long.


ur funny

2. chikapappi - December 10, 2007

Oye! I’ve never been in that place! That’s cool! you’re not old you dimwit! what do I say!

3. N. - December 10, 2007

lol, yes a lot of finger here. K…

so there was no, “lets kick the leaning tower of jidir”? :/

The apron looks like a butcher’s apron, reminds me of Hostel.. LOL..

4. Blue Dress - December 10, 2007

LOOOOOOOOOOL! this is hilarious , shari3 il ma6a3im threw up here

5. Swair - December 10, 2007

LOL I love your 3ayooza-side ;D

6. suspic - December 11, 2007

..3yooz style!

soog salmiyaah!

7. Mrm - December 13, 2007

chirp- I HAAAAAAART JIDDDDDIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like really i do! listen until we do something with the aqmisha we bought last yr WE ARE NOT GOING TO GET MORE O INKAWEDHOM! love :*

chilka- i am 24 but feel 64 :( intay cham 3omrich?

N- ee shift shlon.. emaciaty is a fingerer hehe :P walla i was tempted to kick em down..bes i cant run so fast and emaciaty cant do shit so i had no one to have my back hehehe

blue dress- hehehe it smelled like shari3 il ma6a3im too!

swair- thx? hehe

suspic- walla they should put old women in that da3aya as well!

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