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emaciaty is so emaciated she has to go on a protein diet ha-ha December 11, 2007

Posted by Mrm in emaciaty, kuwait, out&about, random, WTFing.

emaciaty pointing at protein supplement


iss one huge bitch


she had hurt her foot and wanted to go to the dr yesterday. so she made me drive her here… ya3ni fe royal hayatt, ilmowasat, ilhadi, 13978489430 private practitioners…but she wanted to go to the dr at nadi ilsalmiya. yes yes emaci im sure he is just as good..


then we walked into kinkos where we were greeted by Filipino pageant music (one of the workers was watching what looked like a Filipino beauty contest on youtube).

while waiting, emaciaty set up these stamps to look like me and her.. believe it or not, this looks like a pretty realistic module of our sizes. our sizes only are/look exaggerated when we are next to each other… much like N. and his 180cm friend (dis pic for u N.)


we look cute as stamps.

i love stationary. i am obsessed with those random difater ili ashkara made in china/korea/some place where english goes to die. hahaha ! “What a curious feeling!” said Alice; “I must be shutting up like a telescope”.






1. Swair - December 11, 2007

I can’t imagine a telescope talking and someone goes “SHUT UP!!!”

How DOES a telescope shut up?!

2. Swair - December 11, 2007

oh, and HOT SELLER.. wahahahahahahaha!!

3. suspic - December 11, 2007

What? You’ve never seen a talking telescope?

Boy, you’ve been missing out! =O

4. Emaciaty - December 11, 2007

china ur blog is all about me..! whats this weird obsession ..! i’m starting to worry. Kil post has something to do with me.. hmmmm .. u freak !

5. Emaciaty - December 11, 2007

oh aham shay i gave in to the nickname and actually used it… BITCH

6. N. - December 11, 2007

lol, he is 193 not 180! mashallah..
and yes why all posts about Emaciaty… post about chirp or your other friends.. :P

7. chikapappi - December 11, 2007

LOL! N. :p you go to weird places people! I want!

8. Intlxpatr - December 13, 2007

Your blog sounds so much like another gal who used to blog under another name. I really miss her, and I am glad I found you.

9. Chirp - December 13, 2007

Hey you. Post about the wedding. How beautiful we all looked. Even your friend.

I’m at work and I have a cake with no spoon or fork to eat it with.

“Hey I have a pocket!”

10. Mrm - December 13, 2007

swair- u have never seen those notebooks?? plz, visit ur nearest gr6asya or kinkos or something… they r HILARIOUS!

suspic- walla my friend has toyed with the idea of a toilet that yells bravo after he’s done with it…bes speaking telescope? ma marat 3alay hehe

emaciaty- shut

N- i will write about whomever i want. be careful, u may be the next emaciaty….

chika- hehe 7ayach :P bes i must warn u, i have sugarcoated a lot of what had happened…hehehe ask emaciaty:P

intlxpatr- yeah i think u said that to me before.. maybe the blog has been reincarnated? nah, too blasphemous…

chirp- in the words of alanis the great “its like 10,000 spoons when all u need is a KKKKKnife”. yes u have a pocket, thanks for announcing that in the middle of the wedding ams hehe

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