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giftf dayf dalawa December 11, 2007

Posted by Mrm in gifts.

giftf dayf dalawa (that means two in tagalog) was entirely spontaneous and unexpected.  Jenna got me some stuff i have been wanting (about fucking time its been 4 months)


Transformer makeup? oooor mosque makeup? u decide.



Wolverine makeup claws? oooor Freddy Kruger makeup claws? u decide.


and because i have no class i got her the most useless, random thing i could find.


lol look at the look on its face..it knows its being used as a gag.. and it doesnt like it…doesnt like it at allll.


it looks like its having a good time in my car though.


Jenna pretending to like it. The zebra does not look amused.




1. N. - December 11, 2007

LOL! You crazy! Shako Zeebra.. :/ A GIRAFFE is much better!

2. chikapappi - December 11, 2007

defiantly a Freddy thing & the zebra is hilarious!

3. princess - December 12, 2007

hehehehe awwww thats cutely mean hehe

4. Chirp - December 13, 2007

Mosque ..
il7imdila wil shikir .. i just re read the post .

5. Mrm - December 13, 2007

N- shof ligayt zebra… ma ligayt zarafa shasawii ya333ni?

chika- im glad u thought so hehehehe and yes i was thinking freddy more than wolverine

princess- :)

chirp- would u like me to dedicate an entire post about u that would make the pope say 7mdala wshkr ? lol cuz i can and i will!

6. Jenna - December 15, 2007

loooooooool chirp siktay min ma9la7tich loooool

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