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ikhti is so very disturbingly weird December 13, 2007

Posted by Mrm in confusion, random, sex, WTFing.

i found this in an old orange notebook of mine. kha6 ikhti. she doesnt remember when or why she wrote this.


*my sister did not just learn how to write. she is 21.

*my favorite is faja “A beaver”.

Whats yours?? Lol



1. Nwair - December 13, 2007

ur sister is psycho :s

2. chikapappi - December 13, 2007


3. N. - December 13, 2007

I think she was writing her thoughts/memories of a dream.

4. Boocmarc - December 13, 2007

i think she needs some blood tests.. probably find a few “chemicals” here and there :P

5. Swair - December 14, 2007

Hahahahaha “A Beaver”!!! LOL!

6. This Lady - December 14, 2007

i was white. of food and sex.

1. is she black now?
2. Incomplete and weird sentence.

7. Chirp - December 14, 2007

waaaaaaaaaai lol umbaih im dying! hahahahahahahahahahaha

8. Jenna - December 15, 2007

LOOOOL 7aram 3alaich mirim! shino u forgot? we were playing a game! ana weyach an nunu! remember? when u gave us cards i think, o feehum incomplete sentences o can lazim inkamilhom ib awal shay ya6ri 3ala balna… that was the day she came up with the irani word for a shape loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool…now wheres MY PAPER? LOL

9. Mrm - December 17, 2007

everyone- jad i have no answers for u

jenna- ee bes WHY DID SHE WRITE THIS!! even as random thoughts, theyre eerie and psycho-esque! :/ i dont remember

10. coogaspgarp - January 14, 2008

Make love, not war!

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