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inspired by the sound of music December 14, 2007

Posted by Mrm in food, memories, Uncategorized.

these r a few of my favorite things…

old middle school pictures and oak wooden fixtures

Baskin Robbins ice cream, and all chocolate mixtures

the few weeks between cold winters and spring

these r a few of my favorite things

songs of my choice that make my friends smile and remember

how my birthday is in the first month of the ’embers

Scrabble and travel and sunsets as Beyonce sings

these r a few of my favorite things




1. chikapappi - December 14, 2007

I love chocolate so much, no one believes it! and the movie is a classic..

2. This Lady - December 15, 2007

LOOL @ the ’embers!

old middle school pictures make me cringe :/

3. Boocmarc - December 15, 2007

very well written !!!
I like .. write more

do it ..! monkey !

4. Mrm - December 15, 2007

chika- i love baskin robbins chocolate mousse royale more than anyone will ever know. i feel u.

this lady – i love middle school pictures! kuz theyre usually the ugliest so when u compare with how u look now (which should be considerably better. otherwise burn ur middle school pictures) u feel that u have come a long way and have become marginally ‘good looking’.
dramatic reply i know. Emaciaty, burn ur middle school pictures.

emaciaty- monkey omich

5. Boocmarc - December 15, 2007

me? burn my pics? … did u fit in a frame of a photo? …. cow/camel

6. N. - December 16, 2007

Hehe lovely :D You got some hidden talent there MRm!

7. Chirp - December 16, 2007

LOL i loved it :P 7ada entertaining.

Middle school pictures = (staring at the palm of my hands moving my fingers in a firey motion) 7ARAAAG!!!!

8. Nwair - December 16, 2007

LOOOOOL chirp fahmatney :p in middle school this irani bitch bel ghala6 cut 1 side of my hair 29 miles shorter than the other side so she had to cut both really short, we9al foug athuuny and with my kisha kharuuf’s ass hair shakley kaan filem thuma 7araag thuma ARAF! cheny pulsburry dough bitch

9. Mrm - December 17, 2007

thx all! fuck off emaci! nwair looool that was hilarious!

10. Christina - February 7, 2008

Hei I’m looking for some of the songs from the sound of music in full version and with nodes and all that. Do any of you know were I can find them..? Kiss and Love

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