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will some one plz explain December 15, 2007

Posted by Mrm in confusion, kuwait, TV, WTFing.

why there is a live English soccer game on ShowComedy Extra at 6.30pm?

anyone else see it? anyone else wondering? i want answers! is the game supposed to be funny? shsayir!





1. Boocmarc - December 15, 2007

maybe ur hallucinating :P

2. Boocmarc - December 15, 2007

maybe ur hallucinating :P Cuz “corporations are never wrong” …

3. Boocmarc - December 15, 2007

why did that happen twice? wai3 .. my internet

4. Mrm - December 15, 2007

u imbecile i PROVIDED PROOF! now get ur emaciated ass to the tv and switch showcomedy on! and stick to one nickname HAIR/BoocMarc/Emaciaty. u r confusing my readers.

5. Blue Dress - December 15, 2007

LOOL yeah i guess so. i just laughed.

6. chikapappi - December 15, 2007

well, yeah! keep boys happy1

7. Chirp - December 15, 2007

Missed uuu this weekend

8. suspic - December 16, 2007

OH NO!@#

I haven’t watched showtime in many months. Waste of money.

9. Nwair - December 16, 2007

chirp stop being so random , ur SUPPOSED to comment on the blog

10. Mrm - December 17, 2007

nwair… my thots exactly

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