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kick ass random botany December 17, 2007

Posted by Mrm in architecture & Travel, botany, kuwait, out&about, random.

for kuwait, and its unpredictable fucking schizophrenic weather, these plants ARE KICK ASS to be able to deal with mentally unstable weather. kil.

anyways, this really is random botany… for those wanting to find meaning in the next 3 minutes of their lives, plz leave close this blog… u wont find any meaning here. just cute plants. kooooot flantsf.





hatheela shway filim hindi bes 3ala ageisha style, no?


and now special special special treat for those if u that read on… Pountains!






1. chikapappi - December 17, 2007

lofely! where be dat!?

2. suspic - December 17, 2007

Plants I’m aware of :

– “batoonia” flowers. I remember having to buy 12 for 1KD for science class many years ago.

– “konakabris”, those trees that are everywhere.

– grass.

3. Fast Lane - December 17, 2007

I love the different stones in the last two pics!

4. Nwair - December 18, 2007

*cough* loser *cough*

5. Enigma - December 23, 2007

very pretty

6. http://filim-actress.blogspot.com/ - October 13, 2009

Filim Actress Photo Gallery


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