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rape victim pardoned December 17, 2007

Posted by Mrm in Uncategorized.

i hate the choice of words. u know why? BECAUSE SHE DIDNT DO ANYTHING TO JUSTIFY HER BEING RAPED so why the hell did they use ‘pardoned’. im anal about these things, journalism major (which btw is the most useless degree one can have. those thinking of the field, dont).

heres the article from yahoo!

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has pardoned a female rape victim who had been sentenced to six months in prison and 200 lashes, a Saudi newspaper reported Monday.

Saudi Justice Minister Abdullah bin Muhammed al-Sheik told al-Jazirah newspaper that the pardon does not mean the king doubted the country’s judges, but instead acted in the “interests of the people.”

“The king always looks into alleviating the suffering of the citizens when he becomes sure that these verdicts will leave psychological effects on the convicted people, though he is convinced and sure that the verdicts were fair,” al-Jazirah quoted al-Sheik as saying.

“The king always  looks into alleviating the suffering of the citizens when he becomes sure that these verdicts will leave psychological effects on the convicted people, though he is convinced and sure that the verdicts were fair”

oh really??? is that why he JUST INTERVENED? ya3ni bhal 2-3 months the woman did not suffer psychologically AND physically? and is that why, women as a whole, lack the simplest rights and opportunities? like umm i dunno.. DRIVING? its a CAR. its a THING… its not gender related/oriented.  also…is that why saudi royals freely terrorize ppl by monopolizing local businesses? and who can forget the 1876398300273 videos of that saaaaame damn long road in the desert where all the bored saudis go to yga7soon and eventually kill each other out there? u know u could avoid that by just allowing a few cinema theaters to open up…

yeeeeeeeah king…u really do care about the psychological welfare of your nationals… it is quite relevant [insert sarcastic ‘tude here]

*if ur gonna bash me, its ok. these r my opinions.



1. This Lady - December 17, 2007

whatever. if the king is sure that the verdicts are fair, then why is he pardoning her?

makes me sick wallah.

2. Chirp - December 17, 2007

seriously. whatever, they need a revolution there, a secular revolution. But I think people like it that way, wela chan ma ig3idaw sakteen 3ala haal mu6aw3a sneen oo 6wa3een.

Being bored sends ppl to do crazy things .. its a wild wild world baby.

3. Boocmarc - December 18, 2007

i would rape if i was there out of boredom o qahar :P …. Umm that didnt sound good.. oh well

4. Mrm - December 18, 2007

u are disgusting and now everyone knows it.

lad+chrp – i concur

5. MM - December 19, 2007

“I think people like it that way, wela chan ma ig3idaw sakteen 3ala haal mu6aw3a sneen oo 6wa3een.”

That’s such an ignorant comment.This onslaught of religous extremism is relatively new, it started after the Juhaiman era. Saudi Arabia is a young country. If change were to happen, it will happen gradually. Secular revolution? How do you suppose we do that? I love it when people simplify problems.

My people want change, but the issues in Saudi Arabia are more complicated than the international crowd perceive it to be. I’m happy that the King intervened in the matter, even though I don’t like the usage of the word “pardoned”. Although the King did as much as he can with what little he has to work with, he knows Saudi is in a very temperamental state.

6. Mrm - December 19, 2007

MM – there is a lot for me to say to u, but i shall make it simple. Kuwait is also a young country; younger than KSA in fact. Yet Kuwait was able to carry out a non violent revolution that stood for justice and attempts ( i say attempts because i am not 100% convinced) at equality.

did u know there was a revolution in the late 40s/early 50s where many women REFUSED to go out in 3abbayas anymore? they did it. it was hard. they succeeded. 3abaya was no longer mandatory thanks to this revolution.

and what about women’s political rights in kuwait? this has been such a sensitive subject and the challenges were and ARE endless. yet, Kuwaiti women got them with the support of their fellow countrymen and countrywomen.

Religiously? we have some of the most fundamentalist, backward, CRAZY ppl in parliament.

so my friend MM, i do believe in gradual change. but i also believe in a kick in the butt to boost such change. Young kuwait was able to go this far (even though it is not as far as i think ppl would like) with the most harsh restrictions. but, we did.

KSA… u need a revolution.

7. MM - December 20, 2007

My God. You really think a revolution is that simple? Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are two different countries, with different goverments. I think it’s a tad difficult to talk about a country that you know about through online and paper news. However naive your opinion may be, I respect it.

8. Mrm - December 22, 2007

MM – plz point out where in my reply did i mention or suggest that a revolution is simple? i said the challenges were and ARE endless. i also said that the whole idea is a sensitive one. i also mentioned that change has HARSH RESTRICTIONS. simple what now?

yes, i am aware they are 2 diff countries with two different governments, but that does NOT mean that it is not possible to make a change. itha chithi bitfakroon, u might as well be the next iraq from the 1960s-present.

the power is in the people, as history has proven dozens of times.

My knowledge of the KSA is not only through online/paper news, so plz do not make assumptions.

furthermore, if this kind of thing is happening to women in KSA ana ka kuwaitiya MARA7 ASKIT. shlon il citizens sakteen? however hard it may be, change is necessary.

thanks for saying u respect my opinion, however naíve you think it is.

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