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for once, skeletons are koot December 19, 2007

Posted by Mrm in environment, skeletons.

this is how i want to be found centuries after my death.



i have no doubt this is how nuki will be found centuries after their death.



1. chikapappi - December 19, 2007

aawwwww!!! LOOOOOOOL!

2. N. - December 19, 2007

I See another titanic story emerging..

3. ::: ShoSho ::: - December 19, 2007

Cute lol!!!
N. Don’t remind me of titanic 2 loooool!!

4. Chirp - December 19, 2007

Before i read the comment u put under the picture, the first thought that came to my mind was Nuki!!!!!

5. kaileena - December 19, 2007

Maybe they were both heavely injured from running away from ill-intentioned people or wild beasts and died hugging each other as a goodbye for one another!

Or maybe they don’t care much for each other but were hugging in order to survive a snowstorm!

Oor maybe someone arranged the bones like this for laughs 00;

6. Boocmarc - December 22, 2007

kaileena .. i like the last one hahaha

7. eshda3wa - December 22, 2007

dont think ull be needing comfort when ur dead

8. suspic - December 23, 2007

That’s gay. They were probably primitive incest lovers.

9. Enigma - December 23, 2007

mino nukii?

10. Nwair - December 23, 2007

nukii is me and my little sister kuki :p nou3na enmut 3ala ba3ath

11. Enigma - December 23, 2007

ahaa allah ykhalekum 7ag b3a6′ hehehe

12. Mrm - December 23, 2007

kaileena – hahahahahahaaahahaha plz do what u just did more often on my blog, i would love it!

eshda3wa- its the minutes before death that i would like to be embraced like that , 7alal style mo boyfraaaaaind lol

suspic- lol u know whats funny?!?! Nuki are primitive incest lovers!!!! LOLLLL!!!

enigma- hehehehe admit it, u were a little disturbed by nwair’s response werent u ? haha

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