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secular blog does not wish u a happy eid December 19, 2007

Posted by Mrm in Blasphemy, food, kuwait, out&about, random, sex.

so if ur giving out 3ayadi this year Ha-ha ur old :P

i got pinkeye so i went to the pharmacy and of course the condom platter was right in front of me as i explained the situation of my eye to the pharmacist. now i could be wrong, but isnt this the dumbest stupid name brand for a condom? yes? no? maybe?


elmohim, that same night i was supposed to have dinner with a few ppl, so as i was stuck in fucking 1st ring road for 40 minutes, i was behind this car the entire time. ‘So?’ you ask? yes i am aware that i am supposed to be stuck behind a car during traffic, same applies to the car behind me… but…

How many of u have been stuck behind a vehicle for what seems like for forever that happened to be THE FUCKER THAT HIT AND RUN U 4 YEARS AGO!!!!! IT WAS HIMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! i looked at the car brand…then at the license plate and it seemed familiar so i checked my phonebook (i have that bastard no-balls’ license plate number saved under ‘accident’). and it was a match! kil. walla no words can describe the anger and frustration of that moment. he was so close and for so long! but what could i have done… beat down in 1st ring road?


then sometime during my absence from the blog i decided to go to cake&bake…hehehe i just love the name. well they had eid cakes…turn off. but overall, great service, great environment and their slogan is…well u judge what it is…




then i found this number on the wall of a construction site. construction site man? really? u want middle aged, sexually frustrated which leads to sexually explosive construction workers calling u for a piece of ur ass? really man… location is everything. location location location! – plz help kuwait by prank calling $HARK$.




1. chikapappi - December 19, 2007

HEhehehe!!! well, try to avoid packed places and I love your pics >:) naughty! kel 3am o enti bkheir..

2. Mrm - December 19, 2007

i dont believe in naughty pictures, i believe in naughty minds :P ur naughty for thinking theyre naughty! hahaaha ok i dont think i have ever said the word naughty this many times in one sitting :P wintay bs7a o salama babe!

3. Whiskey - December 19, 2007

LOL! thats a smart name!

4. N. - December 19, 2007

Love this post.. The condom picture is a motivation to make you use one thinking “what.. I don’t want a retarded kid, I better use this..!!!”

5. nov62 - December 19, 2007

great post! :)

6. Chirp - December 19, 2007

Banana Banana Haay

7. Boocmarc - December 22, 2007

hahahah .. hats off camel ..! nice post…

lets 7anthil :P .. who’s in ?

8. Chirp - December 22, 2007

Boocmarc – ME ME ME!!! are u in q8?

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