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bbq setup in under 10 mins December 23, 2007

Posted by Mrm in chalet, food.

so a night before we were greeted with bone chilling rain and relentless, face peeling, eye drying wind we had a bbq for the first time at the chalet.

yebna akil o bser3a raga3na setup bara..its very college-student broke kinda thing…but it did the trick





and then we were trapped inside for 2 days. claustrophobia style especially since we removed our old curtains and while waiting for the new ones newspapers were taped on all the windows and im sick of reading 4 month old news and i hate how there is no sunshine to illuminate the chalet since stupid ass newspapers are up because Jamal the monajid still hasnt finished the new curtains. breathe. convinced that its claustrophobic yet? thanks Siberian winds…



1. Nwair - December 23, 2007

looool get over the jarayed yal filem :p and yes the bbq was yummy except for when u started to cook

2. Chirp - December 23, 2007

LOOOOL I told you a9eeerlich curtain .. actualy i told Nwair .. all she did was laugh.

Khoooosh BBQ bas the fire in the pics look burble … did we burn barney?

3. Nwair - December 23, 2007


4. Jenna - December 23, 2007

LOOOOOOOL tislam eed whoever cooked..nisait mino..it was du3..and phay? yummy yummy yummm

5. N. - December 23, 2007

wtf were u burning using sodium or potassium! :P That’s some weird flames there.. 3alekom bel 3afiya!

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