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inti9ar is a cop IS A COP December 23, 2007

Posted by Mrm in inti9ar, kuwait, random, WTFing.

hahahahahahaha these are from my phone, i snapped a few shots from funoon tv

like a COP speeding and ga7i9ing and running after criminals, sirens on the whole thing this is too funny ma asadig



the show is shot in kuwait, so why was she driving an AMERICAN copcar?! lol this is TOO RANDOM!!!


throwing a suspect onto the side of her police car haha



and now for some accidental, but cool shots of inti9ar driving around in her american cop car





1. This Lady - December 23, 2007

omg, the 90’s were such a geezy period for me. i hate to recall.. ekh!

2. N. - December 23, 2007

LOL! OK………………..

3. Chirp - December 24, 2007

LOOL hilarious :p was she singing?

4. kaileena - December 24, 2007

The “latsaweeha marra thanya” look she has with her hands on her waist is worth the whole show

5. Nwair - December 24, 2007

aham shay ena this is a show !! mu gelteely ena theres gona be 7areem cops bel q8 !? 3alabaley enti9aar is one of them LOOOOOL !

6. suspic - December 26, 2007

It’s a sketch..it has Elmsallam in it. Masr7yat 200 o rab3a, perhaps?

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