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Mrm’s TV picks for 2007 December 26, 2007

Posted by Mrm in celeb, TV.

few days left of 2007 THANK GOD. asshole of a year dont u think? anyways… if ur thinking of downloading/purchasing shows and series, i would like to recommend the following. Also, i obviously approve of each of the shows but i have provided a 1-5 diamond rating system; wanted a spade rating system but i cant get everything i want <:(


Brilliantly scripted, incredibly unique yet unbelievable characters and a story line to blow your mind. it keeps you thinking “what else can possibly go wrong??!!”. It revolves around a suburban widow that chooses to sell cannabis in order to support her family in a pretentious neighborhood. She has two children that are just too weird to explain…one’s horny idiot and the other is a disturbed genius. Her ‘business partners’ that provide her with the weed are just funny. wa7ed feehom shighel ‘Im a black man but id love to get with this white woman’ o the other one shighel Big Momma. O their customers GOOD GOD their customers are just hilarious. Basically, if you are looking for something fresh, that has never been done before and enjoy blunt humor, start downloading. For best results, smoke along. Three seasons of Weeds are available for download.

Mrm approves.

Mrm rating:




This show kinda makes you think murder is OKAY if you do it to someone who deserves it. i know many.kil. I can only say so much as not to spoil the show for you, so i will just say that Dexter is a criminal investigator that murders people that kill. Basically, a murderer that only murders murderers. filim sa7? The show is very insightful, and sheds a whole new light on boundaries of right and wrong. The combination of thrilling investigative story lines and psycho-analytical narration really is a plus. The introduction is kickass as well. for best results, play with a swiss army knife as u watch, and stab ur coffee table during the plot if ur allowed to. Two seasons are available for download.

Mrm approves, but is aware that there are better shows out there….some where.

Mrm rating:



Help Me Help You

A show about a therapist, Ted Danson, that thinks he is all together and is a good therapist when in reality he is in need of therapy himself. His patients, on the right, are seriously all screwed up. One is in constant need of approval and is always up some one’s ass to impress them. Another (guess which!) is in denial that he is gay…the asian looking one is the BEST! she is so incredibly weird. you know the kind of crazy that is ‘Ha-Ha!’ instead of ‘Ohhh…7aram’? hathi the queen of Ha-Has! i sometimes feel that the world needs more ppl like her, u know, for comical relief. for best results watch with friends that need therapy…u know so u could look over at them smugly and judge judge judge them! Just one season is available, i dont think it made the cut for season two. But i like.

Mrm approves, but wishes this soup had more noodles.

Mrm rating: ♦¾



Ugly Betty
ug bty

There are no words.

Mrm approves, and will procreate with the show if possible.

Mrm rating:


may 2008 bring more shows, and i hope Ugly Betty is even Betty-er next season!




1. chikapappi - December 26, 2007

I would love to start watching Dexter! offffffff!

2. Chirp - December 26, 2007

All i can say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for introducing me to Betty il Jaikara! UMBAIH IM ADDICTED!
Anyways … I want weeds, cheni i wanna start watching it .. or maybe dexter, did you give me dexter?

3. Swair - December 27, 2007

I love them ALL! But Dexter is so adorably twisted :p

4. Mrm - December 27, 2007

ili yabi shows iyeb hard disks o a76lihum what they want.

5. Chirp - December 28, 2007

Tk yar

6. Mrm - December 28, 2007

ur welcome

swair- u have watched help me help u?!?!

7. This Lady - December 28, 2007

i’ve watched weeds on and off. is it too late to start watching from the beginning?

i love betty!

8. N. - December 29, 2007

Lady its never too late..

“may 2008 bring more shows”
AMEN to that..

9. intlxpatr - December 30, 2007

Did you ever watch The Wire? Deadwood? John from Cincinatti?

10. Mrm - December 31, 2007


11. reni - February 2, 2009

filim izle

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