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voices of the simpsons December 30, 2007

Posted by Mrm in simpsons.

its cramped, i know. save the picture and look at the voices behind the century’s phenomenon theeeeeeee Simmmpsonsf.

like really, i love them all. Nelson the bully, Suicidal Moe, the retard Ralph whose randomness makes me want to cry, Hindu Apu, Skinner’s abusive mother, that fat swedish exchange student, Sexily stupid and edgy Snake, the intro when bart is writing something extremely liberal or blasphemous, the homeless cat lady that chucks cats at everybody wtf, Junkie Bus Driver, Lenny being popular for absolutely no reason, Burns’ maliciousness…and last but not least, the drunken glue that makes everything blow ur mind… Homer. lovfeff.




1. suspic - December 30, 2007

I watched it today. I make laugh teeheheboo.

A lot of geeks were at a Stargate convention, and they were all looking for Richard Dene Anderson, the star..but then the fat nerdy guy said “There’s a girl in the crowd!”..and they all turned to it..but it was Willy, screaming “It’s a kilt! Not a skirt!”, and the geek said “You’re the closest thing we got!!”.

I love Willy.

2. N. - December 30, 2007

I love em. They’re funny! Every one of em.

3. This Lady - December 30, 2007

i love HOMER!!!!

and yeah i saw the same thing today (as suspic) looool.. Homer went to India too, it was HIGHlarious!!

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