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dailyconfession.com January 28, 2008

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Since 2000, i have been a frequent visitor of http://www.dailyconfession.com

it is a website where ppl confess sins and what not (more often than not the confessions are hilarious rather than blasphemous).

well…it has been 8 years since i started visiting it, and it just gets more and more entertaining and random to say the least.

excellent relief for those bored…



dare of the week January 28, 2008

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it was 9 degrees Celsius outside…they suggested it, i just paid. i love how one of them claws and grabs at the other…perfect module of a true friendship lol

for best results turn on the volume. i love the vomit sound one of them makes at the end hahahaha


why? January 22, 2008

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even though arabic music induces an unfamiliar headache that only goes away when the it is turned off, id like to think that some selective singers have a slight chance at being a global celebrity…so why are they still so fucking old school with the album covers? singers in the arab region have to have their faces on album covers! its like an image-obsessed cult! why? i wouldnt have been inquisitive if their were some some albums with the singer’s face on it, but cmon! everyone does it! no originality…no art…no expression (which is what music is all about)…just a cheesy/i-love-sex-and-ill-do-it-with-u-even face on the album covers…



what the hell…overdose of makeover Efag Pornfreak


an eclipse with his face next to it…la o silk shirt ba3ad. i mean really why? are arabs THAT nauseatingly cheesy conformists? are arabs THAT moronically uncreative? please…we need change. sorry for placing my soapbox here. moving on…hes shit on this cover but i have got to say he aged very sexily.



is she completely deprived of sight? does she not realize she looks like a corpse here? why put that on the album cover!


why…why…fucking why is she dressed like a tv news anchor on some shit news station, something equivalent to KTV2 in some hick town where there are more waitresses than cars?


afternoon @ the vet January 21, 2008

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emaciaty felt that her children Giovanni the Gay and Katkoot the Kat needed a trip to the vet in Wafra for general check ups and what not, so Jenna and i accompanied them on their voyage to good health.

Jenna was under their siege. Clearly Katkoot was the mastermind in all of this.


immediately after entering the premise i knew this animal hospital could not be matched by the one at the friday market. There was an abundance of shaded parking spaces (multi-million dinar malls, universities and ministries GET A CLUE) and wide, impeccably maintained lawns… green never looked so good. We stepped into the reception lobby and got started with some paperwork. i cant really say the place was decorated, rather it was as though i was in a doggy frat house. Funny/sarcastic animal posters draped the walls, oil based paintings of puppies posing, phylum bird charts…i wont say it was done in poor taste, but it just wasnt for me. However, i had the opportunity to discover the most random magazine i have come across in any hospital or dental clinic. Business Islamica!


a short wait later, we were taken to the examination room. i must say, it was much cleaner than hospitals meant to treat humans (photo comparison available at the end of the post). The doctor and the nurse were very friendly and they genuinely looked concerned about the animals, unlike those doctors that just take your temperature and write you a prescription all the while mumbling and get annoyed when asked to repeat what they’ve said…you’re doctors damn it MAKE AN EFFORT AND CARE. jesus/3eesa.

anal thermometer time for Katkoot…


haramf :(


Giovanni getting his nails done in a very S&M ish room.


even his face is gay!


emaciaty would like to point out that she understands this canine skeleton replica more than anyone will ever know. really, there are just a few differences in appearance in both.


very much impressed, we thanked the staff and left to see the rest of the establishment. there were a couple of large  closed off playgrounds with some dogs running around..we assume its where they are trained.

this large St. Bernard got so excited when Giovanni approached..it was barking and huffing, following Giovanni frantically…had there not barriers, i really think the St. Bernard would have raped Giovanni.



Now, i shall commence with the photo comparison…

will someone tell me how is it that this animal hospital in the middle of nowhere is cleaner than a a suburban clinic that is supposedly properly funded? evidence below.

this doctor checked my sister’s tonsils then tossed the sticks behind him, uninterested in the cleanliness of HIS environment. the trash can was literally a chair spin away. cotton swabs, sticks, bandages and gum wrappers were everywhere to be found except inside the trash.  he is either a bad aim or a filthy savage.


im in January 21, 2008

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university of london, here I come.


name of a thousand hahas January 21, 2008

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if u have an unusual name, do not mention it to me. i WILL point and mock until i have reduced u to tears.

so imagine what happened when i saw this in fahaheel. god bless u fahaheelians. u make my heart warm, my spirit glee. god bless u.


Im guessing this venue is run by an extremely schizophrenic Asian with identity issues.

‘I love chinese!’ (in arabic)

followed by ‘Muslim cooks from Indonesia’ (in arabic)

and ‘Javanese’ (in english)

doesnt this randomness and dementia just make u want to bawl? ANYONE?


will share more delightful sightings during the oncoming weeks.

again with the cranes January 17, 2008

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i swear i could hear it from the dentist’s chair.

i had gone to the dentist and as i left, this crane was in the lobby.

i had to wait for them to move it. again.


i dare u January 16, 2008

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during spouts of boredom at the chalet, i have this pathology for daring people to do random, sometimes evil things for money. really…its a pathology, its a chronic addiction. everyone tells me i have a problem with this.

so anyways… last weekend it was after midnight, temperatures dropped to delightful lows. exactly the temperature i wanted for my evil, evil dare in mind.

i dared Nunu to go out in the literally blistering cold with just her pajamas on for some money. that may not seem so bad, had we not been the welcome mat for those peachy northern winds and heavy rains. ya3ni il wath3 Hurricane Karima. Kuki was intrigued, and so was D ili oboha min 6ahran. so all three huddle together outside, getting stung by the drizzle, the wind slapping them silly…having their bones shaken to the very core. We agreed on a solid minute, but i left them out there for a good 2 minutes. i could hear them yelling outside, while i was cosily nestled next to the heater. hahahahahahahahahahahhaahahaha!! so anyways… i havent paid them yet, but i will soon. promiseff.

another incident was when i had just gotten a tazer and wanted to try it out. So i dared Kuki to shock Nunu with the tazer for money. She did, and Nunu was paid.

My trademark dare is for me to slap the person in question for some money. Since it is a trademark, you can imagine how much was spent on building that image throughout the years.

I was lazy one night, and dared a couple of ppl to carry me up to my bed for money. I am not easy to move, making it hilarious watching them trying different strategies to lift and move. they failed.

One last sick one i shall share with you is probably the most disgusting one i had concocted to date. I had someone reduced to a cannibal. i had injured my leg and as the blood clotted a scab was born, only to be gulped down. Thats right, this anonymous person ate my scab for some money. disgustff! but funnyf as hellf!!!!!

the weekend is coming up, and i need new material. Any new ideas for dares? shareff!

friday market sightings, random wonderland January 14, 2008

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anything u could possibly want, u can find at the friday market.

But if u plan to go for amusement instead of necessity, like me, holy mother of hell u will be AMUSED!

it really is a random, nauseating, filthy wonderland. everything seems is diseased.


why is the the dude with the ‘kaarayhh’ haircut dressed like his dog?


ive recently noticed a rise in racism awareness from blogs. the following is not racist, im justing sharing what i think is the most random thing i could see in the setting i was in at the moment. An elderly women dressed in a sari on a cane at the friday market. does she want to buy a dog she cant walk?


then we left soog il7amam because we could smell death and moved to experiencing the revels of garage sales.

i honestly have never seen a more 3ayooz, Bedouin, and deterring name brand as the one below.


soon, i stumbled onto the European, pointless garbage stands area. Euro trash! i am proud of myself for making that word association. there’s a creative writing teacher in me begging to surface! yes i am full of it, even though i know its total social blasph.

i love this rip off. they freshened Mona up with a little makeup eáu naturalé. hahahahahahaha


this is what happens when Ouds and Violens dont practice safe sex. they end up with ugly ViOuds. looks like something from little italy, yes? no? maybe?


this is where all reject joysticks come to die. 3aza il7areem bil Raay, q63a 1, shari3 soog il7array, telefone: 0


coolest find: ‘genuine’ Dutch currency note. its fake because i couldnt find a date on it..and because it looks like a squarish rip off of the American dollar bill.


the end. diseased i feel diseased just thinking about the place. twas cool tho

hing hong January 13, 2008

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ive been pressured to blog. apparently i have been getting complaints from my fan (thats right, i have one known fan that reads my blog religiously @ citibank).

p h a y/Fajita and i created the game of hing hong; ping pong using hands instead of paddles. and u know what? its much more fun and interesting!! i dont know if i can ever play with those cheap shiny plasticy paddles again!

we got the occasional sting from hitting the ball with our knuckles when backhanding, but other than that it was a thoroughly enjoyed, flexible game.




CMON! KIL KRANE!! January 8, 2008

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guess what blocked my car today AGAIN?


remember this?

mojama3 dasman findings January 8, 2008

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for those of u whom enjoyed my previous post about lolbags (which is what i shall call those korean made bags), here r a few more

“the really happy man is the one who can enjoy when he has to a detour”


this one is clear…sij lolbag ya3ni


the bears and the bees?


emaciaty would like to point out that this is absolutely inappropriate for children. total blasph. (9b3ich 3gaidi emaci)


another blasph. female reproductive anatomy in styrofoam, and its affordable! *only thumbnail…dont want gross u out because i cant think of anything more bizarre than the female reproductive anatomy in styrofoam.


now really who the hell would want styrofoam sandwiches, baguettes and pretzels??? nevertheless, im impressed and amused.


this poor woman forgot her cardkey…it was hanging with all the other cardkey holders that were on sale.


i wrote something about this paper cut out for kids…. but deleted it. im not even touching it.


Emaciaty rockin on rape staircase. no really i think this is where rape originated from.


i was amazed at mojama3 Dasman. not only were there weird stationaries, but we also discovered a tailor that makes policemen outfits, imam outfits and im not sure but it looked like butcher outfits. we also found a place where all the reject bright red&white love valentines vomit teddy bears go to die.


and those my readers are my unfortunate events of the day. twas cool tho

my 1st tag January 7, 2008

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ive been tagged by two ppl (thislady+intlxpatr). if u dont like what i have to say, talk to them…they provoked me.

 *Do your closest friends have any nicknames for you?
in no particular order: Mirim, Quack, Quacka, the Jew, Mona Lisa, Fat, Fat-ass, Fat bitch, Fat fuck, Koohkooh, Lippy, Hulky, Barook, Dood. *(all nicknames with the reference to fat are used by emaciaty. witty huh? loser).
*What would your ex-(boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse) say about you in one sentence?
nothing good can come from this question.

*What is the greatest achievement of your life so far?

in two words, not conforming.

*How should people think of sex in the 21st century?
*Where would you live if anywhere was possible?

if i had 10 years left of my life, i would like to live in Papa New Guinea.

if i had 5 years left of my life, i would like to live in Lebanon with Emacity (see bitch i do ‘love’ u).

if i had 1 year left of my life, i would like to live in an Afghani cannabis field.

*Is there a religion that’s fulfilling for you and/or the masses?

first off, the person that wrote this thing is an idiot. i had made at least 3 corrections so far. This question does not make sense and i will not bother correcting it. but i will say this, religion is never absolute. even if a group of 1 million or 1 hundred people claim they believe in the same religion, each and every person will execute, comprehend and analyze everything quite differently than one another.

*What inspires awe in your life’s experience?

this questions sounds like a perfume ad. sigh. teenage boys. i will not explain.

*What was/is your best pick-up line?

i never had one, but i’d think it would go a little something like: Im desperate, your horny. Lesssssgooooo.

*What and when is the most potent emotion you’ve ever experienced and why?

Fear. Im almost always afraid.  

*On what occasions do you act self-absorbed or just plain selfish?

to piss off my sister, and basically to anyone that is incompetant beyond belief.

*If you had to choose between them, would you live in Hollywood, Washington D.C. or New York, and why?

 no,  no, no and because its too pretentious.

*Who or what makes you feel “whole”?


*Where is your greatest opportunity for change?

am i on fucking Oprah??  

*What do you consider to be the greatest opportunity for humankind?

honestly? if all of humanity could spend a day with my sister, Nunu, that would truly be the greatest opportunity.

*What surprises you about getting older?

im surprised by the youth that keep getting more and more promiscuous and annoyingly daring. fucking marina mall rats. 

*What or who makes you feel younger or rejuvenated?

swimming, playing with ducks and probably this blog.

*Where or when do you feel most alone?


and i somehow deleted the rest. im using a kinko’s computer because im with a friend thats doing some work and im here blogging. the concentrated heat from cheap heaters, random printing jobs (there’s a guy printing a bird flu poster with an arrow peircing through a chicken’s chest for Om Mibshir High school in Aljahra),  and the chattering of Filipino workers all make for a delightful evening. oh Emaciaty just handed me a cup of tea. The kinko’s dude just semi-snapped at her cuz she wanted to pay for the tea but it was on the house. well done emaci.

my fingertips are getting dusty from this disgusting public keyboard. so goodbye

haha is a lifestyle January 6, 2008

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live it! a chart that more or less gives u a sense of my haha psyche



crack at lolpetting January 4, 2008

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few pics i took today with my own lolpet comments