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my 1st tag January 7, 2008

Posted by Mrm in random, Uncategorized.

ive been tagged by two ppl (thislady+intlxpatr). if u dont like what i have to say, talk to them…they provoked me.

 *Do your closest friends have any nicknames for you?
in no particular order: Mirim, Quack, Quacka, the Jew, Mona Lisa, Fat, Fat-ass, Fat bitch, Fat fuck, Koohkooh, Lippy, Hulky, Barook, Dood. *(all nicknames with the reference to fat are used by emaciaty. witty huh? loser).
*What would your ex-(boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse) say about you in one sentence?
nothing good can come from this question.

*What is the greatest achievement of your life so far?

in two words, not conforming.

*How should people think of sex in the 21st century?
*Where would you live if anywhere was possible?

if i had 10 years left of my life, i would like to live in Papa New Guinea.

if i had 5 years left of my life, i would like to live in Lebanon with Emacity (see bitch i do ‘love’ u).

if i had 1 year left of my life, i would like to live in an Afghani cannabis field.

*Is there a religion that’s fulfilling for you and/or the masses?

first off, the person that wrote this thing is an idiot. i had made at least 3 corrections so far. This question does not make sense and i will not bother correcting it. but i will say this, religion is never absolute. even if a group of 1 million or 1 hundred people claim they believe in the same religion, each and every person will execute, comprehend and analyze everything quite differently than one another.

*What inspires awe in your life’s experience?

this questions sounds like a perfume ad. sigh. teenage boys. i will not explain.

*What was/is your best pick-up line?

i never had one, but i’d think it would go a little something like: Im desperate, your horny. Lesssssgooooo.

*What and when is the most potent emotion you’ve ever experienced and why?

Fear. Im almost always afraid.  

*On what occasions do you act self-absorbed or just plain selfish?

to piss off my sister, and basically to anyone that is incompetant beyond belief.

*If you had to choose between them, would you live in Hollywood, Washington D.C. or New York, and why?

 no,  no, no and because its too pretentious.

*Who or what makes you feel “whole”?


*Where is your greatest opportunity for change?

am i on fucking Oprah??  

*What do you consider to be the greatest opportunity for humankind?

honestly? if all of humanity could spend a day with my sister, Nunu, that would truly be the greatest opportunity.

*What surprises you about getting older?

im surprised by the youth that keep getting more and more promiscuous and annoyingly daring. fucking marina mall rats. 

*What or who makes you feel younger or rejuvenated?

swimming, playing with ducks and probably this blog.

*Where or when do you feel most alone?


and i somehow deleted the rest. im using a kinko’s computer because im with a friend thats doing some work and im here blogging. the concentrated heat from cheap heaters, random printing jobs (there’s a guy printing a bird flu poster with an arrow peircing through a chicken’s chest for Om Mibshir High school in Aljahra),  and the chattering of Filipino workers all make for a delightful evening. oh Emaciaty just handed me a cup of tea. The kinko’s dude just semi-snapped at her cuz she wanted to pay for the tea but it was on the house. well done emaci.

my fingertips are getting dusty from this disgusting public keyboard. so goodbye



1. intlxpatr - January 7, 2008

Thank you, Mrm, even though Lady tagged you first. I knew your answers would be all over the map!

2. N. - January 7, 2008

What about MExican?!

You have some really interesting answers there! I like the where would you live the most.. !

3. greyshorts - January 7, 2008

I actually think Oprah’s questions would have been less lame then this .

4. Swair - January 7, 2008

Hehehe this post is very Mirim!! Love it ;D

5. suspic - January 7, 2008

Where’s the spice, violence and chemical X in these questions?

I don’t want to know how you see life as an entity drifting in the sea we call the world, I want to know if you’d stab Emaciaty if you knew you wouldn’t get arrested, if you’d become a dictator if you ruled a third world country.

6. Mrm - January 7, 2008

intlxpatr- do i have a reputation now?

N- hehe mexican is too random for anyone else to understand. thats just for us hunny k

greyshorts- exactly!

swair- i think i do have a reputation now. wtf

suspic- man the questions were lame as greyshorts said…i have a proposal for u; how about u come up with some questions and interview me? i think it would be fun if i were interviewed for once :P then and only then will u find out everything u need to know about emaci :P

7. ::: ShoSho ::: - January 8, 2008

LoL I got tagged too..
You didn’t answer the rest of the questions lol!!

8. Boocmarc/emaciaty - January 8, 2008

Suspic . she can’t stab me.. i’m 2D :)

9. Chirp - January 8, 2008


10. Jenna - January 8, 2008

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! emaciaty! ;* walla lich w7sha!!
Mrm: teenage boys ;p

11. suspic - January 9, 2008

Add a damn contact page, or shall I just use the e-mail you use to comment on my blog?

12. Mrm - January 9, 2008

tara my page mraga3 ma3rf shlon aghayer shay, so ya just send it that email. did u get my article?

13. suspic - January 9, 2008

Yes, I tried to read it but I realized it was one gigantic paragraph of two hundred thousand three billion million lines without puncuation.

14. intlxpatr - January 9, 2008

no reputation, kind a like ruby tuesday, who could put a name on you, when you change with every new day . . . . .da da da da dhh

15. Mrm - January 9, 2008

suspic- sij? it shouldnt be that way! ill try sending it again

int-i dont know what to say to that hehe

16. Nwair - January 9, 2008

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww mrm !!!!!!!!!!
*What do you consider to be the greatest opportunity for humankind?

honestly? if all of humanity could spend a day with my sister, Nunu, that would truly be the greatest opportunity.

seeeeee i know u love me !

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