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mojama3 dasman findings January 8, 2008

Posted by Mrm in Blasphemy, random, WTFing.

for those of u whom enjoyed my previous post about lolbags (which is what i shall call those korean made bags), here r a few more

“the really happy man is the one who can enjoy when he has to a detour”


this one is clear…sij lolbag ya3ni


the bears and the bees?


emaciaty would like to point out that this is absolutely inappropriate for children. total blasph. (9b3ich 3gaidi emaci)


another blasph. female reproductive anatomy in styrofoam, and its affordable! *only thumbnail…dont want gross u out because i cant think of anything more bizarre than the female reproductive anatomy in styrofoam.


now really who the hell would want styrofoam sandwiches, baguettes and pretzels??? nevertheless, im impressed and amused.


this poor woman forgot her cardkey…it was hanging with all the other cardkey holders that were on sale.


i wrote something about this paper cut out for kids…. but deleted it. im not even touching it.


Emaciaty rockin on rape staircase. no really i think this is where rape originated from.


i was amazed at mojama3 Dasman. not only were there weird stationaries, but we also discovered a tailor that makes policemen outfits, imam outfits and im not sure but it looked like butcher outfits. we also found a place where all the reject bright red&white love valentines vomit teddy bears go to die.


and those my readers are my unfortunate events of the day. twas cool tho



1. Boocmarc/emaciaty - January 8, 2008

where was i when ur were taking 3half of these pics? wain 6i7tay 3ala the ID card? which store? hahahaha

and u guys, the rape stairs pic … well that pic doesn’t do the place justice. It was the ghetto-ist staircase that was screaming RAPE … I was comforted that i was accompanied by a large cow that would probably scare any rapist away. Thanx Mirim. Ur a good friend

2. Mrm - January 8, 2008

i think we have established i am a camel rather than a cow because of my bloat issues.

wain suspic oho y3arif yrid 3alaich wainik ya wild ilyarmouk ya waladna

3. Swair - January 8, 2008

She will stay thin? is that a dedication for Boocmarc/Emaciaty/Nwair?


4. Mrm - January 8, 2008

swair- ya ini tawni ga3da o maga3ad ajami3, ya inich ga3d tkhooreena leani mafahmt wala shay hehehe ;/ confoooz

5. suspic - January 8, 2008

My god, am I the only one seeing the ID card?

The picture’s of a butch Asian woman, the name’s Mark Joy..

I’m incapable of making a suitable joke. Nothing is worthy.

6. Swair - January 8, 2008

lol look at the blue bag, it says “she will stay: THIN”.. i wanted to make an Emaciaty joke..

you know what.. 6af lol

7. Mrm - January 9, 2008

wow! i had completely missed that! GREAT FIND! hahaha now both u and suspic are messing with Emaciaty! i am so happy!!!! ;)

8. N. - January 9, 2008

lol poor Emaciaty! :p
Nice finds… you should document your travels in a journal for the future to see the adventures of mrm and emaciaty.. oh wait you’re already doing that :p

9. Boocmarc/emaciaty - January 10, 2008

i am not nwair.

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