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friday market sightings, random wonderland January 14, 2008

Posted by Mrm in environment, out&about, random, WTFing.

anything u could possibly want, u can find at the friday market.

But if u plan to go for amusement instead of necessity, like me, holy mother of hell u will be AMUSED!

it really is a random, nauseating, filthy wonderland. everything seems is diseased.


why is the the dude with the ‘kaarayhh’ haircut dressed like his dog?


ive recently noticed a rise in racism awareness from blogs. the following is not racist, im justing sharing what i think is the most random thing i could see in the setting i was in at the moment. An elderly women dressed in a sari on a cane at the friday market. does she want to buy a dog she cant walk?


then we left soog il7amam because we could smell death and moved to experiencing the revels of garage sales.

i honestly have never seen a more 3ayooz, Bedouin, and deterring name brand as the one below.


soon, i stumbled onto the European, pointless garbage stands area. Euro trash! i am proud of myself for making that word association. there’s a creative writing teacher in me begging to surface! yes i am full of it, even though i know its total social blasph.

i love this rip off. they freshened Mona up with a little makeup eáu naturalé. hahahahahahaha


this is what happens when Ouds and Violens dont practice safe sex. they end up with ugly ViOuds. looks like something from little italy, yes? no? maybe?


this is where all reject joysticks come to die. 3aza il7areem bil Raay, q63a 1, shari3 soog il7array, telefone: 0


coolest find: ‘genuine’ Dutch currency note. its fake because i couldnt find a date on it..and because it looks like a squarish rip off of the American dollar bill.


the end. diseased i feel diseased just thinking about the place. twas cool tho



1. Jenna - January 14, 2008

LOL ViOuds! get boocmarc wa7id

2. suspic - January 14, 2008

When you were there did someone point at Boocmarc and say “how much?”

3. Mrm - January 14, 2008

jenna- i am not touching ANYTHING hnak. i sanitized my hands til my elbows twice after we left.

u bring tears to my eyes ya suspic

4. kaileena - January 14, 2008

The background in Mona Lisa’s painting does show authenticy! The oud/violin is just plain AWESOME!

5. Zed - January 15, 2008

i get that feeling too when i visit the friday market, deseased, infected, infested

disinfect me now

6. N. - January 15, 2008

That is a wonderful place, I call it a wormhole, an anomaly in the universe!

7. La Reine - January 15, 2008

hehehehe i hate soog il yim3a its just creepy! people bumping into u, smells, the crap, more people bumping, tall men staring, more bumping! little kids with snot ,etc…

and LOL 3al ViOuds!!

8. suspic - January 16, 2008

A Banghali bastard once tried to sell an empty DVD case of The Pacifier saying “it’s a good movie”. When confronted with the truth of the lack of a DVD, he dropped half price.

Critical thinking, eh?

Oooh, I like how near the mosque some people sell religious tapes and right next to them you see tiger lingerie on stands for sale.

9. This Lady - January 17, 2008

haw Friday market is an indoor thingy? i thought it was outdoors.. i’ve never been hehehe.

10. intlxpatr - January 17, 2008

I love seeing the market through your eyes, Mrm.

11. Mrm - January 17, 2008

kaileena- lol yeah mashallah the accuracy is uncanny sa7 lol

zed- no disinfectant will do, better bathe in a tub of boiling water.

N- ur a wormhole lol

la reine – yeah i forgot to mention the kid with crumbs all over his face. he sneezed next to me and it was like a pufak blizzard bowled me over. nasty.

this lady- its not really indoors, bes there are huge shades over almost everything.

int- im glad u were amused hehe

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