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i dare u January 16, 2008

Posted by Mrm in Blasphemy, chalet, Money, random.


during spouts of boredom at the chalet, i have this pathology for daring people to do random, sometimes evil things for money. really…its a pathology, its a chronic addiction. everyone tells me i have a problem with this.

so anyways… last weekend it was after midnight, temperatures dropped to delightful lows. exactly the temperature i wanted for my evil, evil dare in mind.

i dared Nunu to go out in the literally blistering cold with just her pajamas on for some money. that may not seem so bad, had we not been the welcome mat for those peachy northern winds and heavy rains. ya3ni il wath3 Hurricane Karima. Kuki was intrigued, and so was D ili oboha min 6ahran. so all three huddle together outside, getting stung by the drizzle, the wind slapping them silly…having their bones shaken to the very core. We agreed on a solid minute, but i left them out there for a good 2 minutes. i could hear them yelling outside, while i was cosily nestled next to the heater. hahahahahahahahahahahhaahahaha!! so anyways… i havent paid them yet, but i will soon. promiseff.

another incident was when i had just gotten a tazer and wanted to try it out. So i dared Kuki to shock Nunu with the tazer for money. She did, and Nunu was paid.

My trademark dare is for me to slap the person in question for some money. Since it is a trademark, you can imagine how much was spent on building that image throughout the years.

I was lazy one night, and dared a couple of ppl to carry me up to my bed for money. I am not easy to move, making it hilarious watching them trying different strategies to lift and move. they failed.

One last sick one i shall share with you is probably the most disgusting one i had concocted to date. I had someone reduced to a cannibal. i had injured my leg and as the blood clotted a scab was born, only to be gulped down. Thats right, this anonymous person ate my scab for some money. disgustff! but funnyf as hellf!!!!!

the weekend is coming up, and i need new material. Any new ideas for dares? shareff!



1. Enigma - January 16, 2008


2. Noufa - January 16, 2008

Dare them to go skinny dipping :P
that’s a classic dare for winter ;)

eating a scab isn’t funy, weee3 :/

3. La Reine - January 16, 2008

@@ eat ur scab!! hehehehehe ok then , thats ya3!

4. rashisha - January 16, 2008

THATS Just Disturbing LOL

5. N. - January 16, 2008

LOL! oh my… I had no idea you had a DARK DARK side.. :~ evol…

6. greyshorts - January 16, 2008

you’re even more twisted than me

7. Kaileena - January 16, 2008

Okay I feel sorry for the anonymous person who had the courage to devour the scab..*fights down vomit*..I suggest less stomach-churning but not less mishchievous dares:

1. Dare someone to go to a complete stranger in the supermarket and ramble endlessly about dead cats and how they smell.

2. Dare someone to eat 5 pages of a book and wash it down with seawater.

3. Dare someone to take dallat coffee and rub it violently shouting “WAINIK YAL JINNY ABEEK TITHBA7LY A7AD” infront of the whole family (distant cousins included, of course).

8. Boocmarc/emaciaty - January 16, 2008

you should mention the armpit story .. yes ? no? U GUYS R GROSS !

9. Chirp - January 17, 2008

*MONEY SIGN* LooooL!!!!!!!!!

So many other dares, I will NEVER take part in this, unless ofcourse you offer a million KD, Cash.

OH CRAP i forgot to call u back.

10. This Lady - January 17, 2008


Hmm.. skinny dip (someone mentioned it up), or dipping their hand into the toilet after someone’s ‘been’ there. (before flushing!)

eew i’m gross.

11. Mrm - January 17, 2008

thx all for the ‘eews’ and ‘wee3s’ :P what can i say to that? hehehehe.
yes i know this is sick, did i not mention this is a pathology? :( i suffer walla.sufferfff.
i need crueler and more random dares…ya3ni think of it as if u had a 7alal slave. what would u do to it??

12. suspic - January 17, 2008

Oh my fucking god.. you have set the bar for us lowly ones. You’re the most twisted, disturbed, fucked up person I know.

Just the fact that you boss people around for money is fucked up enough, let alone making them do disgusting things..

Wow.. wow..yet I respect you more now. How much do you usually offer, though? I want to see how lowly Nunu o Kuku o 6e6o o rabi3hom are.

Here are a few twisted dares that probably aren’t enough for you :

* Dare someone to lick/sniff the bottom and insides of your slippers.

* Dare someone to catch your spit. Spit in the air a real mbal`3ima one, and tell them to catch it. Or just spit in their face, you’d probably like that.

* Dare them to do anything disgusting to any of the pets you have. Do a “full check up” on them, perhaps?

I feel dirty now..

13. Zed - January 17, 2008

you are one sick person, but i like our style, i one dared a friend to chug down a bottle of tobasco sauce, he did it for money

and once i dared a friend to pee on a cop car, he did that aswell, FOR MONEY LOL

14. Chirp - January 17, 2008

Im trying to imagine them carrying you up to your bed, im trying not to scream from the laughter…who was it?

15. Mrm - January 20, 2008

suspic- such a blasphemous reply but i shall accept it. i dont do the things i do to feel powerful and boss ppl around, i do it to see how far some of the ‘lowly’ ppl i know will go for money. its hilarious, basically theyre for sale but not in the sexual sense (i HOPE). its like a social experiment, if that makes sense.

zed- ur one to talk mister! lol birds of a feather flock together :P hehehe love the copcar dare…props

chirp- hehehe scream mama scream u need it. it was nunu+ D ili oboha min 6ahran

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