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afternoon @ the vet January 21, 2008

Posted by Mrm in emaciaty, out&about.

emaciaty felt that her children Giovanni the Gay and Katkoot the Kat needed a trip to the vet in Wafra for general check ups and what not, so Jenna and i accompanied them on their voyage to good health.

Jenna was under their siege. Clearly Katkoot was the mastermind in all of this.


immediately after entering the premise i knew this animal hospital could not be matched by the one at the friday market. There was an abundance of shaded parking spaces (multi-million dinar malls, universities and ministries GET A CLUE) and wide, impeccably maintained lawns… green never looked so good. We stepped into the reception lobby and got started with some paperwork. i cant really say the place was decorated, rather it was as though i was in a doggy frat house. Funny/sarcastic animal posters draped the walls, oil based paintings of puppies posing, phylum bird charts…i wont say it was done in poor taste, but it just wasnt for me. However, i had the opportunity to discover the most random magazine i have come across in any hospital or dental clinic. Business Islamica!


a short wait later, we were taken to the examination room. i must say, it was much cleaner than hospitals meant to treat humans (photo comparison available at the end of the post). The doctor and the nurse were very friendly and they genuinely looked concerned about the animals, unlike those doctors that just take your temperature and write you a prescription all the while mumbling and get annoyed when asked to repeat what they’ve said…you’re doctors damn it MAKE AN EFFORT AND CARE. jesus/3eesa.

anal thermometer time for Katkoot…


haramf :(


Giovanni getting his nails done in a very S&M ish room.


even his face is gay!


emaciaty would like to point out that she understands this canine skeleton replica more than anyone will ever know. really, there are just a few differences in appearance in both.


very much impressed, we thanked the staff and left to see the rest of the establishment. there were a couple of large  closed off playgrounds with some dogs running around..we assume its where they are trained.

this large St. Bernard got so excited when Giovanni approached..it was barking and huffing, following Giovanni frantically…had there not barriers, i really think the St. Bernard would have raped Giovanni.



Now, i shall commence with the photo comparison…

will someone tell me how is it that this animal hospital in the middle of nowhere is cleaner than a a suburban clinic that is supposedly properly funded? evidence below.

this doctor checked my sister’s tonsils then tossed the sticks behind him, uninterested in the cleanliness of HIS environment. the trash can was literally a chair spin away. cotton swabs, sticks, bandages and gum wrappers were everywhere to be found except inside the trash.  he is either a bad aim or a filthy savage.




1. chikapappi - January 21, 2008

awwwww the caaaat :*

2. intlxpatr - January 21, 2008

Look at the dog in the first photo! He has an arm like a human being, with a little yellow sweater on his arm! What an amazing dog!

I love that vet hospital. Those vets are so cool, and so sweet with the animals. When I take the Qatteri Cat in, he always wants to see the Italian woman vet, he absolutely adores her. She talks to him and he just melts into a little puddle of love and adoration for her. She knows what she is doing, too, and smiles and laughs. What a breath of fresh air!

3. suspic - January 22, 2008

That dog in the magazine looks like an Indian guy!!

The cat is awesome, I love a good ol’ villain’s cat. The one that sits in your lap as you sit on a fancy leather chair and smoothly rubbing your cat.

It’s YASOO3 not 3eesa.

The filthy human doctor seems awesome, it’d be cool if right in front of you he picked up a stick from the floor and put it in your mouth.

4. Jenna - January 22, 2008

LOOOOOOOOOOL 9a7 my hand 6la3at chinha Giovani’s in the first pic!! ;p

5. Rashisha - January 22, 2008

I always Take my bunny to the international vet in the wafra area… isnt it like 100 times cleaner than any clininc in kuwiat?

6. suspic - January 22, 2008

Bunnies are delicious. =)

7. Chirp - January 23, 2008

Katkoot in the first pic looks like Nunu when she gives u the “i am pissed” loook.

8. Boocmarc/emaciaty - January 23, 2008

thanx for the company mirim .. my babies enjoyed u watching them getting “anal temperatures”

9. Jenna - January 24, 2008

loooooooooool CHIRP!! yes its the na’6ra lama itgool “Canceltich!”

10. This Lady - January 25, 2008

They’re cute!! LOL @ Emaciaty and the skeleton.

11. N. - January 27, 2008


yeah some people assume the place the trash is has a 1-2m perimiter which is also included in the defenition of “trash”

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