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im in January 21, 2008

Posted by Mrm in Uncategorized.

university of london, here I come.




1. Chirp - January 21, 2008

Mabroooooooooooooooooooooooook :**
So Happy for you, cuz guess who will be annoying you during the weekend as usual .. ME (inshala)!
Yay yay yay!
ish9ar 3ala ili bitroo7 essex?;p

2. Zuzu - January 21, 2008

Mabrook on your Offer!!

3. kaileena - January 21, 2008

MABROOOOK!!! Thats gonna be soooo muchhh fuuuunnn!!!

Allah y7af’9ich inshalla!

4. intlxpatr - January 21, 2008

Look at the dog in the first photo! He has an arm like a human being, with a little yellow sweater on his arm! What an amazing dog!

I love that vet hospital. Those vets are so cool, and so sweet with the animals. When I take the Qatteri Cat in, he always wants to see the Italian woman vet, he absolutely adores her. She talks to him and he just melts into a little puddle of love and adoration for her. She knows what she is doing, too, and smiles and laughs. What a breath of fresh air!

5. intlxpatr - January 21, 2008

Oh damn. I see I just posted this comment on the wrong blog entry. Well WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO on you, ms. Mrm, going off to graduate school! Woooo Hoooooo and when do you leave for London?

6. Mrm - January 22, 2008

chirp- 7ayach allah o 3an essex madri, but supposedly its on track
zuzu- thx ;D
kaileena – yeaaaaaaaaaaaah it will! thx ! :D
int- getting old woman? hehehehehe i leave in the fall inshalla

7. This Lady - January 25, 2008

Mabrooook. PLEASE take me with u!!!!!!!

8. N. - January 27, 2008

;D I salute you dear friend! Alf mabrook Allah ewafjech o 3alech b’alf 3afiya!

9. Mrm - January 28, 2008

this lady- u do not want to live with me… i will make a complete mockery of you hehehehe , and thanks hun allah ybarik feech :)

n- meXiii CAN! she CAN!! hehe allah ybarik feek / allah y3afeek :)

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