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name of a thousand hahas January 21, 2008

Posted by Mrm in out&about, random.

if u have an unusual name, do not mention it to me. i WILL point and mock until i have reduced u to tears.

so imagine what happened when i saw this in fahaheel. god bless u fahaheelians. u make my heart warm, my spirit glee. god bless u.


Im guessing this venue is run by an extremely schizophrenic Asian with identity issues.

‘I love chinese!’ (in arabic)

followed by ‘Muslim cooks from Indonesia’ (in arabic)

and ‘Javanese’ (in english)

doesnt this randomness and dementia just make u want to bawl? ANYONE?


will share more delightful sightings during the oncoming weeks.



1. chikapappi - January 21, 2008

heheheee! Javanese lol!

2. suspic - January 21, 2008

I once saw a wedding sign and the groom’s name was “ترف صاير”. Need I say more?

Chinese food cooked by Indonesians.. I’m used to the typos, especially by idiots who write their e-mails on their cars. “SSRS_Q8_SPIKY@homail.com”, they always leave a T out or an L.

And it’s ALWAYS in comic sans. It’s disgusting.

3. rashisha - January 21, 2008

LMAO I ve seen both of those Ughhh Retards!!! There was one sign in the summer for a travel agency and car rental Company that had a notice “SPECIAL RATES FOR DOODS”

4. Swair - January 21, 2008


uhm, Rashisha, does “Doods” mean “dudes” or boobies? :p

5. intlxpatr - January 21, 2008

I love the signs in Fehaheel. Like the beautiful villa with the “grach” and three flowers.

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