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why? January 22, 2008

Posted by Mrm in celeb, confusion, TV.

even though arabic music induces an unfamiliar headache that only goes away when the it is turned off, id like to think that some selective singers have a slight chance at being a global celebrity…so why are they still so fucking old school with the album covers? singers in the arab region have to have their faces on album covers! its like an image-obsessed cult! why? i wouldnt have been inquisitive if their were some some albums with the singer’s face on it, but cmon! everyone does it! no originality…no art…no expression (which is what music is all about)…just a cheesy/i-love-sex-and-ill-do-it-with-u-even face on the album covers…



what the hell…overdose of makeover Efag Pornfreak


an eclipse with his face next to it…la o silk shirt ba3ad. i mean really why? are arabs THAT nauseatingly cheesy conformists? are arabs THAT moronically uncreative? please…we need change. sorry for placing my soapbox here. moving on…hes shit on this cover but i have got to say he aged very sexily.



is she completely deprived of sight? does she not realize she looks like a corpse here? why put that on the album cover!


why…why…fucking why is she dressed like a tv news anchor on some shit news station, something equivalent to KTV2 in some hick town where there are more waitresses than cars?




1. chikapappi - January 22, 2008

BWAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! You’re killin’ me! LOL I love your sarcasm

2. Enigma - January 22, 2008

elissa bl new album cover malha 6al3a min il ba7ar oo sha3arha wet but her FACE that is FULL OF MAKEUP ma fee wala neg6at may !

3. zed - January 23, 2008

you just dissed fairuz???? no no no you didnttttt

thats her style, the corpse look, she’s had it forever and its seems like its doing her good, do you know what her album sales are like lol

its the gothic look

4. Citibank - January 23, 2008

HAHAHA.. ur amaazing!

5. kaileena - January 23, 2008

Problem is not only the covers are horrific..the music is also!!

6. suspic - January 24, 2008

Fairuz is an actual corpse, it’s not a corpse look. It’s what dead people look like.

During the break in her shows they shock her with electricity to keep her going.

7. zed - January 24, 2008

lol thats so bad

8. This Lady - January 25, 2008

Haahahahahahahaahaha! I know their covers suck! lazim the face! Why didn’t u put Miami!? their infamous “number 1” fingers in the air hehehe..

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