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dailyconfession.com January 28, 2008

Posted by Mrm in Uncategorized.

Since 2000, i have been a frequent visitor of http://www.dailyconfession.com

it is a website where ppl confess sins and what not (more often than not the confessions are hilarious rather than blasphemous).

well…it has been 8 years since i started visiting it, and it just gets more and more entertaining and random to say the least.

excellent relief for those bored…




1. Rashisha - January 29, 2008

I Love Daily Confession!!! Some of the Confessions there Are Effin hallarious! One tim someone posted how she likes t make noises when she is using public bathrooms and how she enjoys watching ppls reactions to her “sounds” through the cracks! WEIRDO!

2. Zed - January 30, 2008

i have a confession to make, i sometimes confess on dailyconfession.com

3. suspic - January 30, 2008

The site was easier to navigate through years ago.

It’s fun, really gets you inside human nature..especially when it comes to attractions between people. I remember once reading about how a guy did his best friend’s mom and such..

4. Amethyst - January 31, 2008

I’m so checking that out.

5. N. - January 31, 2008

And I get all the credit of course for introducing you to the site :P But Enigma gets all the credit cause she introduced me to the site too lol! Was it her or someone else.. hmmm chenna it was her!

6. Enigma - February 1, 2008

N, chenna me!

7. N. - February 1, 2008

Eee it was you :p lol! aqdam hehe.

8. Intlxpatr - February 13, 2008

Mrm, where are you? I miss you.

9. Mrm - February 18, 2008

N. – u didnt introduce it to me…i found it on http://www.bored.com :B HUY

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