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dare of the week January 28, 2008

Posted by Mrm in chalet, Uncategorized.

it was 9 degrees Celsius outside…they suggested it, i just paid. i love how one of them claws and grabs at the other…perfect module of a true friendship lol

for best results turn on the volume. i love the vomit sound one of them makes at the end hahahaha




1. Nwair - January 28, 2008

LOOOOOOOL ! come to think of it , that dare kelesh ma yswa 20 ! u dont understand, galby wegaf mn el bard !!!! ok im the one chasing the other one lool , and again im the one who did the vomit sound, thank u mirim for making me sick :D sisterly love

2. pink - January 28, 2008

LOL sadistic..u r really crazy woman ;P

3. Rashisha - January 28, 2008

HOLY CRAP DUDE! i need to watch this again when i get home and i have speakers i cant tell who are they?

4. Jenna - January 28, 2008

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Nwair walla i thot u were dying khara 3alaich!! lool shraykom in7i6 video the warm shower afterwards? ;p LOOOL i have it

5. Chirp - January 28, 2008

OMG emyanan!

I miss you guys :(

6. kaileena - January 29, 2008

…the laughter..*shivers*

7. intlxpatr - January 30, 2008

I love the maniacal laughter!

8. suspic - January 30, 2008

That’s one long evil laugh..

9. N. - January 31, 2008

It was a cackle! hehe I vote *yes* for Jenna’s proposal!

10. Jenna - February 2, 2008

Ha Nwaaair shrayich?? N. voted “yes” ;p

11. Du33 - February 5, 2008

Well i would have to agree with Nwair, this wasn’t worth the 20KD but it was certainly worth the thrill.oh by the way i’m the other surviver of this dare looool.i can’t believe that i did it! i HATE cold water!!! i couldn’t feel my body it was NUMB!!!!! by the waaaay our other friend offered us money(20KD) not to jump!!! but what can i say…………. WE ARE CRAAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

12. This Lady - February 5, 2008

Ambaaaih! Baaaaaarrrrrrrrrrddddddddddddddddd..

13. Mrm - February 18, 2008

nwair & du33- shaaaaat. it was ur proposal fajaa mo 3ajbkom? again, shaat.

pink- thanks?

rashisha- i guess now u know who they were….hahahaha

jenna- stop iglibbing bloggy soft core porn!

chirp- wish u were there chan zawa3tay min ilthi7ik wahahaha

kaileena+suspic+intlxpatr+N- wow u noticed the laff rather than the 2 idiots swimming around yelling at the cold? hehehe…to be precise, it was the orgasm of all laughters.

this lady- yes, baaaaaaarrrrrrrddddddddd.

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