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moment of truth February 16, 2008

Posted by Mrm in TV.


i love reality shows, but none of that ‘ real world’, ‘big brother’, ‘arab whores/losers academy’ crap.

my spectrum of reality show interests varies…i love survivor, and i shall give you three reasons why. One: Sexy ppl…u do get the occasional fat/loud/hick/annoying/disgusting/scrawny contestant, but i have never seen a more rugged man than on that show. hunger. Two: Beautiful locations. malat 3alaina. Three: The way the game is designed to fuck with a group of ppl in every which way, and they are expected to cooperate and form a working sub society…failure comes with the price. their failures amuse me.

so now my favorite network FOX (solely because the network carries The Simpsons) has come up with a new reality show called Moment of Truth. Basically, they attach a lie detector test to the contestant and grill them with personal/inappropriate questions. If the contestant answers honestly and passes the lie detector test, they get money n shit.

Some questions i would ask:

– Have you ever smuggled anything illegal into a country? (i know at least 3 ppl that would have to say ‘yes’ to pass the test lol)

– Do you wish death onto one of your friends? (in the Argentinian version of the show, a woman had to admit to thinking about hiring a hitman at one point in her life to kil husbandf.)

– Have you ever ruined a life by telling a lie?

– Would u resort to prostitution if it meant having all the luxuries u want?

– does your spouse/girlefrind/boyefrend repulse you while dining?



1. intlxpatr - February 17, 2008

I remember a police story about a very stupid suspect. They had a piece of paper in the xopy machine and they would ask a question, he would answer, the police would press the button and out would come a sheet of paper saying “He’s lying.”

They told him it was able to detect it from his voice. Ultimately, the criminal confessed!

I would bet almost 100% would have smuggled something into Kuwait – where even DVDs are censored! Books? Bacon? Vanilla?

2. Rashisha - February 17, 2008

Im dying to watch this show… yalla when you give it to Fajita ill get it :P

3. zainoba - February 17, 2008

I love survivor too!! Survivor Fans versus Favourites, Micronesia just started on Showtime,Im enjoying the whole drama between Ozzy and Amanda – Parvati and James!

4. Boocmarc - February 18, 2008

mirim …. tsk tsk … LOL

5. Chirp - February 18, 2008

you know my answer to one of the questions :P

6. Touché - February 19, 2008

Damn, that show is horrific.

I mean consider the possibility that you answer a question which you are totally honest about and suddenly your body omits those vibes declaring that you are not being truthful!!

I mean it is like self discovery and unfolding the dark hidden corners of your subconscious personality.

7. Mrm - February 20, 2008

intlxptr- u know i STILL have trouble typing your name! anyhow, PLZ if u have an article about the guy and the copy machine i would FOREVER BE GRATEFUL!!!!! hahahaha! have u ever smuggled vanilla?!!!

rashisha- not out yet :(

zainoba- i cannot be a slave to the tv, so i download my shows and watch them at my own leisure. will discuss survivor when i see the new season tho. swearff.

emaciaty- how much does a lie detector machine cost?

chirp- i miss daidyelle :(

touche- it is EXACTLY what u have said… luffff it! i love evilff showsf

8. Boocmarc/emaciaty - February 24, 2008

why r u asking me??? am i retailer wana madri?

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