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memoirs of a 7thiriya in pahahahaheeeel February 17, 2008

Posted by Mrm in botany, kuwait, Money, out&about, random, WTFing.

before any of my 11 readers read into this as being abusive towards pahaheelians, i would like to clarify that i am being abusive and loving towards them. i fucking love that place. its hilarious, random and has the aura of tribal masculinity…which are some of the traits i look for in a man.mannfffi.

A few weeks ago, Nuki, jenna and i decided to visit the ‘heart’ of fahaheel’s thrift shops. by ‘heart’ i mean colon because thats wat the place smelled like.

a lot of pics ahead…yeyyyyy!!!

get ur old school broken gamegear to get it pimped and blinged out. i dont know if they really do that, i just assume.


a Freej tracksuit any proud 8 yr old Fahaheelian girl can be proud of. “ba3d il 3ayayiz kilshay jayiz” -translateff “after the old women, everything is possible”


yes! they can plan weddings AND get you a maid that can do what any ONE person can do…like cook, clean, garden, raise the 4-9 children you keep having for no reason, wash the car(s) everyday in blistering winters and sweltering summers, do the laundry, iron clothes, make up every room, fully capable of having all their dreams murdered by forcefully servicing you/your children and their friends, gets the groceries, commutes with your kids to school,  requires only 5 hours of sleep a night for just 40kd! *price negotiable based on age, and attractiveness. really, it is.


wow this shop really put its faith on that one nagsha/print. who wants a a dress/curtains that looks like a headache? its everywhere! its almost all they had!




then just for rafsat/kicks we went in to see a jeweler to see how much Kuki’s ring would resale for.


then this bastard looks at it for 10 minutes and says 35. it originally costs 300% more than that.


wtf? really wahahhahahahahahhahahaahahaaha! i want to translate it for intlxpatr , but really i cannot think of the word for this in English, and this is coming from the person whose idiot sisters nicknamed ‘Essay’. i will try tho…

“the-person-who-has-just-recently-gotten-a-little-better-looking is in danger”


and now upside down trees…in Jlai3a tho…mo b3eed min pahaheel, il damm wa7id.




1. chikapappi - February 18, 2008

eih dah! why are they upside down @@ !! I think you got guts going to pahaheel and taking pictures!

2. suspic - February 18, 2008

No trip to the lingerie store with a creepy Syrian guy working there?

They measure you with their hands! =O

3. Boocmarc - February 18, 2008

loooool .. with their hands? wai3
aham shay the same print store.. hahaha lets make dresses and pajamas for fun … heeeeey …! idea for costume? yes? no? maybe?

4. Princess - February 18, 2008

i love the upside dowwn treees!! and ee dam ino il mi7lawa fe 5a6ar then madre aish agool walla! wtf!

5. Chirp - February 18, 2008

lol!!!! why dont u take me on these fun trips?!?!!!??? ! ?! ! >>>

6. skinnybumblebee - February 18, 2008

LOve this post! i once went there with mother and aunt as they recommend house servant offices!

it suree smelled like a colon. lool

7. intlxpatr - February 18, 2008

Mrm – I will meet you in Pahahahahahahahahahahheeeeeeeeelllll! You have a GREAT eye! That was one of the best photo essays ever! But there is so much more. And I need you to translate all those Arabic things to which I am greatly oblivious!

However, I love the ads for villas with “grach and 3 flowers”. I really love that place!

8. Jenna - February 20, 2008

loooooooool waaai3 that day!!
Chirp: nunu and i got harassed..araf. bs we still had fun exploring and getting to know this new planet

9. Mrm - February 20, 2008

chika- u think ‘i’ have guts? im the gay one in the group u shud see how much guts theyve got! hehehehe

suspic- now how would u know about that? *tosses doll to suspic* show me exactly where the man touched u

emaciaty- u r emaciaty, so use it as ur name. and no, i will not be measured by anyone’s hands so think of another costume idea.

princess- i love them tooo!!!!!!!!

skinny- u and emaciaty related? heheheh

intlxptr- there are volumes more on pahahaheeeeel! how about this week you provide us with a pictorial of the glorious place?

jenna- i are bear

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