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memory junk February 28, 2008

Posted by Mrm in Blasphemy, out&about, random, sex, WTFing.

i just suddenly remembered all the weird ass shit ive heard over the past few weeks… get ready for some class A wtfing.

memory junk snippet ahead, get the damn popcorn.


i decided to go to the salon to have my hair blow dried and the only hairdresser on duty was a Thai woman. Funf!! so she starts washing my hair and i say the few Thai words i learned when i visited last year…she cheered…it was pleasant. i then sat on a chair and as she tended to my hair i asked her what her name was.

Her name was Moan. i thought i must have misunderstood her so i asked her to spell it out. “M-O-A-N”.

On another day i went to get my teeth cleaned. Being at the dentist is always the worst hour of my life. As i shivered my way to patient’s chair (by shiver i mean wobble. not fattff! just bloated.bloatff), a nice Filipina dental assistant prepared the area and prepped me up. They were the most intense 5 minutes of my stay there; albeit i had a cleaning AND a cavity. We had a conversation in Tagalog which is always fun…its like my Wasta with Filipinos, they tend to take better care of me when i speak to them in their language. Anyway, the first minute or so was just chit chat then i made the sincere mistake asking her if she was married. She immediately told me she had a daughter back home and her husband is a nurse in KSA and that shes so miserable. Im sorry, really…what the hell do u want me to say to that i dont know u!! so i let out an understanding sigh, then she further confessed to me that her husband had not passed his nurse’s degree and that the only place anyone would hire one without a nurse’s degree is in KSA. and she told me to shhhh bout it…what the hell? awkward+wtf+embrace privacy+ksa tsk tsk tsk+pain.

went to the hosp to get high off the IV drips so as i sat on the bed a Filipina nurse came and made small talk in in broken english and tagalog.


“hellooo madam whats wrong why u need dis drip”

“i dunno exactly why but here the doctor’s slip”

“aaaaaiii…ur blad pressure is low dats why. whats ur name”


“u hab boyprend?”

“hahaha no i dont, everyone’s crazy and ugly hahaha”

“hahahaha ok ok do u want boyprend? i have so many men and dey will be lucky to hab u ur so byootipol”

“haaa…haaa… noo noo everyone’s a pig”

“really ur still young u must take adbantage of your age. i have kuwaiti, lebanese, egyptian also is very nice…”

“heh…uhhhh…no no really thank u i dont want”

“no really its ok no bady will know u u can come to party and see dem ok darling”

the bitch tried to pimp me out. i dont need to write what i think, im sure u have come to the same conclusions about how inappropriate, random, wtfuckery and scary that was.

that concludes the pointless memory junk i have for this evening. twas cool tho.



1. eshda3wa - February 29, 2008

shal weird ass awadim !!

2. Boocmarc/emaciaty - February 29, 2008

may i ask what the pic has to do with ur memory junk? i know, random.. but relation? yes ? no? maybe?

3. zainoba - February 29, 2008

FIlipino’s just come up with the most weirdest conversations! I have a small black spot in my eye, usually people cant even notice it but once a Filipino sales lady noticed it and asked me if I had a Sixth Sense cause thats what it indicates

4. Mrm - March 1, 2008

eshda3wa- u have no idea how pointless and random my life is…i meet the weirdest pplff.

Imbecile- its a pic of the most random popcorn ad i could find to compliment my “memory junk snippet ahead, get the damn popcorn.” fucking illiterate bag of bones.

zainoba- that culture is very superstitious…they cannot sleep in a room where their feet point to the door, their feet have to be adjacent to a wall. why? sita claims it is the about some evil spirits and orifices, didnt care for an elaboration so thats what i understood. but……do u have a sixth sense?

5. Chirp - March 2, 2008

Umbaih LOL yal zifta why didn’t i know this?? and why are u in the hopspital oo ma gilteeli?!?! ams kalamtich!!!! angryffff
Mashed Potato popcorn??? did they make that for me????
GUess whos coming on monday …. nwaaaaira!

6. suspic - March 2, 2008

Aww.. she called you beautiful. =O

7. Olórin - March 2, 2008

Yawch! Guess you dont need to worry about your blood-pressure going down anymore, all you have to do is remember those assfaces and it’ll be up in no time!

8. Mrm - March 3, 2008

chirp-it was weeks ago mako shay. sorryff :( thwearff. hehehe yes i thought of u when i found this pic hehehehe

suspic- yeah i knowff =O

kaileena- hahahahaaha !!

9. intlxpatr - March 4, 2008

What a total HOOT! She is finding you a boyprend???

Everyone’s life is full of random . . . you have a gift for recognizing it and documenting it, in all it’s glory. You have a gift, Mrm.

10. This Lady - March 8, 2008

Pilipinos in Kuwait (not all of them btw) that I’ve met always ask the same age-old question ‘you hab boyprend?’

which is why my parents decided no more Pilipino nannies!

11. manutdfanatic - March 27, 2008

Looooool! Yes, Filipinos DO ask the boyfriend/girlfriend question a bit too often! I thought that was restricted solely to the KSA; guess not!


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