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WTFing in almowasat February 28, 2008

Posted by Mrm in WTFing.

i kinda forgot i had a blog… but i have remembered now so let the wtfing commence!

sometime in my grief stricken absence (Citibank, i know you missed alllllllllllllla this) i had the opportunity to stalk this walking beauty school experiment gone awfully wrong and snap a shot… yes, she was fashioning turquoise hair tips… WTF?


and this is emaciaty touching me. she thought it would be fun to withdraw the needle…yknow, she’d be a good junkie one day, she handles needles very well.




1. chikapappi - February 28, 2008

eh dah!

2. suspic - February 28, 2008

My god, she’s a modern day pirate. Look she even has a wooden leg!

And Emaciaty’s weak, I’d break the needle in you.

3. kaileena - February 28, 2008

Hao why is there a needle on you?! you alright?!

4. Princess - February 28, 2008

i wanted that, ok wait i wanted blue tips, ended up with pink but hey its pretty :p oo matshofeen shar

5. Boocmarc/emaciaty - February 28, 2008

it was mission impossible to get that pic .. my camera kept making that “click” sound when it take s a pic, so she kept looking at us .. then brave mirim ran behind her and took the pic. Props to mirim for that speedy, subtle shot :P

and i have a gentle hand .. im always good with needles :P and no people, i’m not a junkie :P

6. Mrm - March 1, 2008

chika- ya lahwy!

sus- with that look, i think she walked into the wrong kind of hospital. that applies both to aqua hair tip woman and emaciaty.

kaileena- eeeee mako shay thx for asking.

princess- shar mayech

emaciaty- stop being nice to me

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