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random followed me to jarir bookstore March 2, 2008

Posted by Mrm in confusion, kuwait, out&about, random, WTFing.

jarir was the random main course, the entre was the wtfkering journey.

now really…how can the ministry of planning misspell the capital of the country that raped us? no really HOW?


britsh ppl r cooooooolf

wow the Saudis have gotten really eerie/random with that place (for those who do not know, Jarir bookstore is a Saudi bookstore chain). the things they have there…are just weird. its like mixing cornflakes with a salad. everything is so out of place!

lets start with this…


this kid really is unhappy… his face…7arram i wanna give him a donut! moving on…wat the hell? who the hell wants to be a Kuwaiti policeman for halloween? what the hell is this doing in a bookstore!!!


why did they make scooby doo effeminate? again what the hell is this doing in a bookstore?


Inoxcrom Pens advertise their products with a cartoon donkey with flies orbiting its head. this bookstore is hilarious!


and those were my unfortunate, random events of the day. twas cool tho.



1. Olórin - March 2, 2008

I’m so proud to say that I’ve never been to the one in Kuwait..
Maybe they mispelled it mn il qahar!

2. suspic - March 3, 2008

Is he saluting Hitler?

o mino 3adal el nasil o 5ala 3yalna shigir?

3. zainoba - March 3, 2008

How did they spell that wrong!

4. N. - March 3, 2008

lol!!! Why is your world blue btw…

5. rashisha - March 3, 2008

LMAO@the police uniform

6. Chirp - March 3, 2008

I hate where its placed! i got pushed by a huge mitnaqba lady!!!!

7. Mrm - March 3, 2008

olorin- may i call u kaileena? ta3awadt 3alayh! ok itha ilsalfa salfat qahar maybe they should have changed the damn street name?? why keep the name AND misspell it!

suspic- he looks like he was forced to do it … look @ his face! he looks like he belongs to some child sex slave ring maskeen..they probably held another photoshoot after that one and made him take his clothes off!

zainoba- id like to know the same thing!

N- the Vcool makes the windows all blueish

rashisha- ditto!

chrp- next time rip off her niqab!

8. Soul - March 4, 2008

the donkey has a beak!!! wella yet-haya2li!!

9. intlxpatr - March 4, 2008

What an eye you have!

I don’t get that they put the Jarir inside a entertainment park! I love the store – you really do find amazing things. I always love imagining the room full of bearded men with their ink-blots going through the magazines and blotting out lady-parts. Or have you ever bought a magazine there?

10. G and L - March 7, 2008

Lool. It does have a lot of weird stuff, but also a lot of handy things as well

11. This Lady - March 8, 2008

Why does the clown look like a horror movie character?
Why does the Kuwaiti policeman look ‘English’?
Why does the donkey have a beak?

12. Jenna - March 9, 2008

LOOOOOOOL the donkey with a beak!! hahaha!
awww thats myyy cloowwn remember! :D im gonna get it next time we go there.. for googi

13. Citibank - March 9, 2008

More posts plzzzzzzzzz!

14. Mrm - March 15, 2008

soul- hahaha great find i hadnt even realized!

intlx- yes i know the placement of the bookstore is terrible! i havent purchased a magazine from jarir because the only magazine i like to read are time, national geographic and cosmopolitan (even though their quizes are cheesey and fake! i LOVE THEM!). i dont think jarir offers those.

G and L- very true, which is exactly why i love going there.

lady-its a fucked up mask sa7!! i dont know what else i can say about the costume and i havent the faintest idea why the donqey has a beakf.

jenna- u freak dont bring that fucking mask inside the house kuki’s heart will stop

citibank- OOOO K! PRESSSSURE!!!!!

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