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the pressure March 10, 2008

Posted by Mrm in botany, celeb, out&about, random.

im being pressured to blog. dont u guys get tired of the randmoness? go read a meaningful blog! hahahaff. fff

anyways…i really dont know how to use the tools of my internet page thingie to their fullest capacity. i still cant figure out how my header turned out that way… ppl are like ooooohhh ur like the mysterious cool mona lisa type of thing haaa…fuck off it just happened and im not sure how to go about changing it. i need some help. i cant even get it to say the time of my posts/your comments. also, when i get cool and learn how to do all that stuffeff i wanna add a mini side bar animation of something totally gay or fucked up, just like suspic has. its sad that i have formed virtual ma3arif…i dont even make ma3arif in real life (for intlxp- ma3arif= acquaintances). See… i mentioned them both and really, their like HUGE in the underground blog world; well, in my blog world anyway.

thumps up to both of u!

moving on…some weird products(?) iv come acrossf in the span of a couple of weeks…not much, but funff.

had to urgently send some chick i dont know flowers because she gave birth BECAUSE I HAVE TO OR WHAT WILL PPL SAY ???!?//1?!??/1?!?!! so went to the closest flower shop i could find in jabriya called Russia. Vom, and then it. pure vomit.

Gag…really it says it all! the flowers were crunchy!!! like chips!!! and on top of that they wrap them in plastic that reads ‘GAG’!! total blasph in the botany world.


if you thought that was all, then sadly u do not know mirim. as if that wasnt totally vomitesque enough, they thought it would be decorative to have fishbowls with dead fish floating around whimsically. GAGFFF!


Found some gems in sul6an…randoms in the rough, if you will.

its comically fucked up that someone had bottle, nipple, vegetable and liquid cleaner all put the same label…i was amused.


alright, kho wants their own real baby khabibi dolllllllly! endorsed by the above Borat. theyre kinda creepfyy…both looking down like their looking at something…


sul6an, ur slipping…be careful.  i shouldnt be finding this shit inside u sul6an…inside u…be careful.

and those were the groupy, random unfortunate events of the past few weeks. twas cool tho.



1. zainoba - March 10, 2008

Definitely Random:).
Habibi Dolls hahahaha, at least there being innovating:)

2. N. - March 10, 2008

you find the most craziest crap, keep em coming :p

3. suspic - March 10, 2008

Whao! First you call me a friend, then you want to do your blog like mine? Easy now, mirim. Tame yourself, woman! =O

Why’s the Habibi doll taking a dump on the logo?

You should’ve bought the doll, tore its limps and put them in a box and sent it to the woman who gave birth. A card that says “Spare parts if you gave birth to a fucktard” would be nice too.

4. This Lady - March 10, 2008

i know, sultan is slipping..
i love ur random photos.
again, get a digital camera, though enjoyable, ur phone photos are raping (ur word) my eyes.

5. intlxpatr - March 10, 2008

Mirim, I love your blog, and thank you for telling me what that word meant. I am always trying to guess from context, and I often get it wrong. I obsessed over “madri” for weeks. . .

You have a unique way of seeing thing!

Your header reminded me so much of another blogger I really liked, who disappeared. I always wondered if you were her. Mona Lisa with cool sunglasses . . .gives me a big grin. I think that’s what YOU look like.

6. Mrm - March 10, 2008

zainoba- u like to see the bright sides of things dont u? hhehehe thats refreshing!

N- its what i do best apparently. aye aye cap’in!

sus- i did not call u a friend, ur a virtual acquaintance. i love that sick sidebar shit u put up on ur blog! yeah i want a piece of that action too! u should be flattered, i remember ppl telling u to remove em in one of ur posts but i personally love em! u know, i may just do that when another person gives birth!

lady-again, im sorry i hurtf ur eyesff :( ill just get a phone with a better camera i dont like to carry a lot of things with me… any suggestions?

int-wow im flattered thx :) if u have trouble with any other words im sure we’d all be more than happy to helpff! Plz tell me who is this blogger that disappeared? i personally dont think i look like her but my idiot friends do…sigh

7. intlxpatr - March 11, 2008

I see her comment every now and then on a blog, still, but she has stopped blogging under the name I knew her. I looked on the Kuwait Blog list, but I can’t remember her blog name. She, like you, had a unique perspective. When I think of it, I will get back with you.

You are a journalist. Writing is what you do. Yeh, the pressure is on. ;-)

8. eshda3wa - March 12, 2008

i need to learn how one goes about making ma3arif…
got a 1-2-3 step kind of thing?

9. Mrm - March 15, 2008

intlx- dont u start pressuring me also..killf

eshda3waaaayyy- i dont know really, i have really misplaced social skills…i really dont know how.

10. Nwair - March 16, 2008

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL !!!!!!!!! mirim yal khara tha7akt n9 sa3a 3ala baby habeby ! laysh ma ybteeely !! i need a habibi :p

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