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umbrellas, the security camera and the molestor March 15, 2008

Posted by Mrm in architecture & Travel, food, out&about, sex, WTFing.

Hello all… i have emerged from my hibernative state and joined the public masses.

phay/fajita has great networking skills because she managed to get a bunch of us to have lunch in under an hour. for some of u that may not seem like such a big deal, but in our clique that is a huge accomplishment because we’re all always scattered around and it takes us a god damn year to make plans. however, she managed to get gym obsessed do33, all-over-the-place jenna, out-of-place chirp and the hibernating mirim the mirim all together for a hearty hindi meal.

for some reason that is beyond me, we all got hysterically excited when we saw ourselves on the security camera of the restaurant. group photof!!


we’re such losers.

moving on…we were seated by a tall mustached waiter and ordered. by mustached i mean salem the cat had made a permanent home on that man’s upper lip, 3abdallah alrwaished style. i had asked the waiter what his name was and he responded very monotonically ‘Mityou’. So when ever we needed our drinks to be topped off or for more napkins i would say ‘Mityou, please bring us [insert trivial task here]’. towards the end of the meal someone noticed his tiny name tag and it read ‘Matthew’. So the entire time i sounded like a moronic retard that has absolutely no command of the English language. Please, if you are given a Christian name, LEARN HOW TO PRONOUNCE IT. pleaseff.

the good part is next! yayyy!! molestationff!!!/1!!/!!!

after the hearty hindi meal, we did some shopping. we walked into a store and critiqued clothes. yes, we took a couple of steps back, pondered then commented and counter-commented on a blouse. we r opinionated shoppers. Yes. we are.

As this was all happening, an elderly Filipina saleswoman followed us around to help out. actually, to self herself TO. she cupped and squeezed do33’s ass twice. after the first time, do33 freaked out and was on my fucking back to help her. wtf? shasaweelich? (intlxp- what do u want me to do for u in a very mocking tone). after the second time, there was no distance from her torso to the back of my torso. do33 stuck to me like gum, the effing pussy. SHE HAS A BLACK BELT IN KYOKSHIN (some fancy ass mala da3i word substitute for karate)!!!! bitch karate kick her ass out. so yeah she was molested in public and all those years of ‘Haaaaaa-yaaaa’s and working out to the music of ‘eye of the tiger’ really paid of ha? idiotf.

so we take her to have some dessert…we read through the dessert menu and frankly each selection looked like a sure taste bud orgasm. do33 starts by ordering…

“please i want craym boolay”

“what maam?” *giggles the waiter

“crayyym boolay…” *mumbles very quietly because she know she has thrown a badleeya (verbal typo).

“HAHAHAHAA Oh she means creme broulet… Philip (Philip the Filipino waiter?) she would like a creme broulet”

“shutup mrm”

do33 and her craym boolay…


our desserts and chirpy’s so very out of place plate of curly fries. wat the hell? chirpy and her nail polish dig in…


i did not order that mountain of a brownie. i know the angle of the shot may indicate that it was i who was sitting in front of that sugary heaven. but i swear it was not, phay took the shot. i dont want to go on with this fat stigma!!! it has to end!!!

hahahaha do33 yal badliya! you r the emaciaty in this post…but only this post. emaciaty cannot be matched. but today, youve been emaciated!!

and now, i really would like to applaud the designers that decorated this mall. its creepy, yet contemporarily artsy fartsy. coolf.



lady, better shots this time i hope? <:)

and those were the unfortunate, sex criminal events of my day. twas cool tho.


1. Chirp - March 15, 2008

LOL!!!!!!!! you seriously cracked me up even thought I was there for the whole days event!!!!!!!
I can so imagine u repeating the story to nwair and kuuuuki hehehehe

the umbrellas !!! MARY POPPINSSS!!! Bas it reminds me of something i just cant put my finger on what exactly it is!!

luvfff!!!! had a blast .. even though u forgot to write about the WIG STORE! :p

2. suspic - March 15, 2008

I’m guessing you’re the third one from the right. =O

I do not like these Flips. They work at these places they can’t afford but they like to patronize people for mispronouncing things, and they are overly molesting girls.

It starts with a “sexy body..” and ends with inviting you to a whore house..and that is not a joke.

3. N. - March 16, 2008

loool! fa9laaaa :p

Chirp! get your shows outta my pc! :p

4. Chirp - March 16, 2008

N – Contact the middleman .. Mirim .. :P I am DYING FOR THEM!

5. zainoba - March 16, 2008

How long do we have to wait for another post from you; well they always amuse me:)

6. Nwair - March 16, 2008


7. intlxpatr - March 20, 2008

You are all ADORABLE! Thank you for posting that photo, while we can’t see details, you can get an idea of how totally darling you all are.

Ummm, yep . . . creepy look. Somehow it doesn’t work (the mall, umbrellas)

It looks and sounds like you all had such a great time. :-)

8. Du3 - March 23, 2008

YOU GUYS ARE SOOO MEAN :”'( i was tramatized and turned to my friend(which didn’t offer any support) y3NY SHTABOONY ASAWEE A6IGIHAAA!!!!LOL I HAD TO GO SEE A FUCKING SHRINK!!!! (JKING)
ANYWAYS BESIDES THE WHOLE MULASTATION STRORY!!!! i had a blast i miss our outings lufffffff mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and ya the kram bolay was amazing ;)

9. Mrm - March 23, 2008

chirp- offf sorry chirp wayid katba kalam o mali khilg a3aliq 3ala ta3leeqich…say it: a3aliq 3ala ta3leeqich. tongue twister!!!

N- a3jibik

zainoba- iv had some blog juice today so u will be seeing a post soon :)


intlx- aww thx…im glad the grainy image of our tiny bodies impressed u hehehe :P yeah we did! would u like to join us next time for some festive molestive fun?

do33- iklay tibin its called SELF DEFENSE she was fondling u u shud have done something.

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