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happy mother’s day March 16, 2008

Posted by Mrm in gifts.

yknow, there should be a happy middle child’s day. goddammmmffffit.

So mother’s day is coming up…How about u get ur specialf mommyf a bra from Marko (Marks & spencer)? ironically, my mother came up ‘Marko’, i never once heard her say Marks & spencer. i guess fate wants me to buy mommfy a bra.


and another selection for those unfortunate ppl that walked into their parent’s ‘making a lovely baby’ and know that their mom likes her some naughty kink kinkff thongs.


Get shopping!



1. suspic - March 16, 2008

I hate that section. suspic marat ydish g6oo3 y3ni ydawir shortcut o ydish eb hal section o yitwahag ma yadri wain y6ali3 wila wain yro7..

Marko? e7na 3indina markisbinsar allah ysalmich.

2. Boocmarc/emaciaty - March 16, 2008

“making a lovely baby” .. ? why? why?

3. Chirp - March 16, 2008

loooooool at emaciaty!!

4. zainoba - March 16, 2008

LOOOL, Marko!

5. intlxpatr - March 20, 2008

Do not waste your money buying your mother a bra – they need special fitting to be right. It’s also very PRIVATE! Or . . . .did I miss something . . . oh, Mrm, were you being FUNNY again???

6. This Lady - March 23, 2008

ambaaaaaaih the ladies in my family always say “Marko” too! madri laish!

7. Mrm - March 23, 2008

suspic- why the hell would u be in that section? its on floor B1 and that entire floor just seems to be the Ladies section. what were u doing in that floor? are u horny or transvesty?

boocmarc- shut

chirp- shut toof

zainoba- yes! haha

intlx- *laughter of the studio audience of a cheesy early 90s show* “mirim will be mirim” *more laughter*


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