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brain teaser? March 17, 2008

Posted by Mrm in Blasphemy, out&about.

spot the controversial blasph in this photo.

snapshot courtesy of Nwair.




1. G - March 17, 2008

I feel its the guy in the jeep thats looking back :P

2. Zed - March 17, 2008

LOOOOOOLLL the johnny walker sign on one side and UTHKUR ALLAH on the other

i say, either way, you have to keep walking

3. zainoba - March 17, 2008

I dont get it,lol

4. G - March 17, 2008

I think u are correct there Zed LOL i thought it was some other pic and not the johnny :P

5. Olórin - March 18, 2008

I second Zed!

6. Boocmarc/emaciaty - March 18, 2008

is it bad that i spotted that immediately ? hahahahaha

7. This Lady - March 23, 2008

is it the Kuwait towers next to the Leaning tower of Pisa?

8. Enigma - March 23, 2008

LOL il 7amdilla wil shikir make up ur f*king mind!

9. Mrm - March 23, 2008

For those that guessed it is the uthkr allah with the jowwwny walkar sticker, you are CORRECTF! congratsf.


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