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Dear God, March 23, 2008

Posted by Mrm in confusion, environment.





1. suspic - March 23, 2008

Even the AC Man is too tired to stand.. =O

“Fuck this, it’s too hot!”

2. zainoba - March 24, 2008

Weeeeeeeeeeih mino hay?

3. Chirp - March 24, 2008

I had the same confusion, going home from work it was 38 wtf! I thought it was MARCH not MAY

4. Nwair - March 24, 2008

el mushkela ena 7atan belayl 9aar 7aar ! ams kan sishwaaar el jaw ! nooo :( were literally gona melt this summer

5. G - March 25, 2008

ya this summer will be TOOO Hot T_T

6. Mrm - March 26, 2008

suspic- hahaha yeah and hes bursting in flames!!! fuckin schizo weather. hate schizff.

zainoba- who what?

chirp- why do birds, suddenly appear everytime…CHIRP is heeeeree! just like me, they want to be close to yooouu… :*

nwair- la wilmokayiff khtarab… fuck this shit im going to the ice hotel in sweden.

g-we will dermatologically raped by the sun…evilff sunf.

7. emaciaty/Boocmarc - March 26, 2008

its snowing in London …. :P in march … march … we’re doomed .. global warming will confuse the shit out of us .. then we die :P I KILL U …. MAMMIII

8. zainoba - March 26, 2008

Mrm sorry I didnt get, I was so Blur..4get about it anyway :)

9. Mrm - March 28, 2008

emaciaty- hahahaahahahaaha MAMMMIII TA3AAALL hahahaha ur talking about death and giovanni is the thing u think about!

zainoba- alright :)

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