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For once March 23, 2008

Posted by Mrm in out&about.

for once, ill start off the blog with a nondistrurbing/nonrandom picture.

doesnt it make u want a sunkist and jump around the water like a dolphin?

notice how the sunlight breaks into the photo on the top left corner…nice nof?


today my thoughts are all ghetto, so this shall be ‘the ghetto’ sub entry under the original title.

the other day as i was walking to my car to drive out of the GHETTO i live in, i noticed that my car has gotten infected with the skank and ghettoness of the area. the flies had gotten inside my tail lights and DIED. they were behind the glass!!!


the other night, emaciaty dropped me off at home in her beautiful car that makes up for her Saluki-looking face and she noticed this on the street…


a pair of shoes…in the middle of the street… its so very ghetto but slightly creepy…

ghetto tshirt of a ghetto girl…HAAAAY HAAAY HAAAAAAY PAAHAHAAY! *not everyone will understand that, but it was intended that way.


this next one is more cheap than ghetto, but whats ghetto about it is that it is sold at A-Z homestore in shwaikh. for those not involved with the homestore world, A-Z probably sells good (i will not say high, because its just not there yet) quality decorations, home item needs, furniture, fabrics, etc. So this 16KD abomination with the cheap golden sticker stuck to the front of it being sold there is pretty ghetto.


Vom, and then It. really, it makes me want to vomitf.




1. suspic - March 24, 2008


2. zainoba - March 24, 2008

I wonder how you come up with all these weird yet fun post but anyway that last pic would make me buff especially on a full stomach!

3. Chirp - March 24, 2008

awal 9oora shay mo 6abee3i makes me want to jump into the ba7ar and scream HALLELLUJAH!

the shoe pic makes ur fireej look so ghetto!

4. Nwair - March 24, 2008

the flies kill me loool ! wel pizza el 7araaag , y3t shnu el ghada

5. G - March 25, 2008

The Beach looks nice but i know for sure its dirty when you go to swim. They dont keep our waters clean :(
and for the AtoZ store I hate it, *sigh* oh well we are living in this *cough* *cough* country :)

6. Mrm - March 26, 2008

*under age loser with no driver’s license yet.

zainoba- araf that clock…whats buff?

chirp-right??? praise the allah!

nwair-lol i think chicken pie and tabula

g- of course its filthy! we once found a couch…a COUCH in the middle of the sea when the tide was out..also a bathroom sink, and some needles.

7. suspic - March 26, 2008

Key word : yet.

8. intlxpatr - March 26, 2008

Somehow I don’t find a pair of shoes left lying in the ghetto nearly as creepy as finding one lonely shoe along one of the major interstates, ummm. . . urrr. . . . you know, those north/south roads. How does ONE shoe get along a busy road?

The clock is truely awful. Just purely awful.

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