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how hard u r March 26, 2008

Posted by Mrm in random.

ur excited to read this post right? hahaha filthy ppl.

the random lesson for today is social irony.  its very simple.

you know those ppl that have fake carrot tans and wear toupees and think theyre the life of the party and are just blind to the discomfort they are to others and are just weird? *breathe…long sentencef. well, im sure we can unanimously and universally say that it is sad that they really and truly believe they are cool. so very painfully sad. cornily, pitifully sad.

so i get this cheap ass welcome mat for kicks/rafsat and plop it on the entrance of the garden door.


welcome mat is funny, jes? also ironic when u see our next door neighbor’s jetski.


‘ Ma as3abak’

englishf- ‘how hard r u’

and that was the sad, very sad event of the day.



1. Nwair - March 26, 2008

LOOOOOOOOOOL !! offff 7ad umhum foug obuhum HAAAAARDDDD !!

2. emaciaty/Boocmarc - March 26, 2008

to be more accurate it’s how difficult u r .. no? yes? .. i guess ur play on word makes it funnier … lol .. loser

3. suspic - March 26, 2008

Trying to show the fish how witty he is?

The mat is more sad than funny.

Nice shoes.

4. zainoba - March 26, 2008

The mat is cute, I like it!

5. Chirp - March 26, 2008

7awaaltay il mat min il shalaih ot ur house????

LOOOOOOOL 3al jet!

Btw i graced your room with my presence yesterday for about 10 mins. too bad u missed it.

6. G - March 26, 2008

LOOOL, this guy is weird :P well i think i have my own unique weirdness too :D

7. intlxpatr - March 26, 2008

I think he meant ‘How TOUGH are you.’ LOVE your welcome mat! I’d love to buy one for our family gatherings! Everyone would die laughing.

8. Jenna - March 27, 2008

brath…long sentencef! cooooooooooooooooooot!! :*
and yea boocmarc is right, it is “how difficult u r”
ilwajib il awal? ;p hahahahaha

9. Jenna - March 27, 2008

hehe oofth masra3

10. Mrm - March 28, 2008

yes it seems like the owner wants to show marina life who’s the maaaaaaaan :P heheheeheehee MA AS3ABKOOOM!

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