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iz bakf March 28, 2008

Posted by Mrm in confusion, out&about, random, WTFing.

mirim iz bakf for some smelly fun.

absolutely everything i did today was smelly.

so for those of u that suffer from anal-nasal (those that get grossed out and nauseas when someone mentions shit or something and then think they actually can smell it, then get anal and dramatically nag you to stop talking about shit in disgust. shutup) refrain from reading this entry.

I dedicate this poorly lit, cramped fuwanees/lanterns photo to Chirp. was dragged to pick a couple of lanterns for the blahblahblahblahblahff…it was smelly. smelly=unfiltered cigarettes, socks, sweat, dust…just like the airport in sharm elsheikh.


i was then dragged from a smelly place to an even smellier place.

ilmo3alim. the scents, the smells. oh, the unfortunate smells.

if ur anything like me, random at heart, you would go ballistic here…the randomness! im in luf! this is where now, i have decided, will be the time i shall extend a hearty request. I request, and urge u to go to ilmo3alim, snap the craziest shit and blog about it in dedication to mrm. yes, i like to inspire and i also want to see randomness from a totally non mrm perspective!!!

So, since i was dragged i did not want to spend a lot of time taking pictures. wanted to get the out of there and not feel diseased. why does petty boop look punished? taksir ilkha6r. but hey, at least they tried to respect a copyright law by spelling it petty boop…hehehhe petty! wtf! (o 7ag ildanabok rab3i ili may3arfoon shino ya3ni petty: of little or no importance or consequence) she looks like ‘petty boop; plz pet me cuz im sad :(‘ or for my more educated audience ‘petty boop; punish me…im a failure…im worthless and petty!’


and now an item that matched the scent of the location…for 6.750 you can have ur very own pot that looks like its spewing boiling dog grass vomit. what the hell? really? ppl buy this?!?!//!!!?!1?


at the counter they sold vibex. dont strain ur eyes trying to read. u will be provided a better view of the instructions below.


no wonder the place smelled…their selling deodorant with instructions to use it once a week! wtf!


i hate to admit it, but i would honestly love to have pancakes shaped like the suits with maple syrup. ohoo. of all the cravings i get, the worst one is when i have pancake cravings. really…ive screwed myself. i remember once i was up at 4am and sabrina the teenage bitch was on (back then) paramount and it was a pancake episode. i dont remember anything else about the episodes, just that there were a lot of pancakes involved. i wanted them. i painfully craved them for 4 days until i finally got some pancake mix and feasted. yes i was obese, ok emaciaty? but since then i have lost 15 kilos so shut the fuck up and dont even try to bash…ive been moving on…what have YOU done with ur face lately? no? nothing? still saluki looking? thought so, shutf.


my favorite suit is spades…im drawn by its character. i believe they all have characters… this is how i see them:

Hearts: he seems like Corny Casanova from medieval times, full on with white stalkings and powder wig. very gay

Clubs: he seems like the geekily gay jokester…very puffy in contour, flaky with no sharp edges making him a pushover and lacking sleekness and finesse.

Diamonds: The rich bitch of the bunch and she will eat you alive.

Spade: its shaped as if two question marks mirrored one another, giving it a mysterious essence. id like to see her as the mysterious, dark cut throat of the bunch. coolf!

the smelliness resembled feet, pit stain stench, cancer, bug spray, and detergent.

on the way i home i stopped by this tiny little monajid (intlxp-not exactly a furniture maker, but a small place that can sow pillows, bean bags, floor seatings, etc) run by very old Irani men and it smelled like tea, chalk (wtf?), ni3il/slippers, bread and cigarettes. not so bad compared to the previous smells i was exposed to. i had asked him to make the fastest, cheap bean bag he could because i needed it last minute. i even gave him pictures of a bean bag. they were clearly bean bags. and this is what he came up with. its nothing remotely close to a bean bag, but i was impressed…i love it! the fabric its very plain, i know, but i chose that fabric for a tiny little beanbag i really wasnt going to go all designy with a bean bag. and this is what he came up with…i shall call this the Irani beanbag. it is comfy as hell. im making emaciaty a smaller one. will show picture when its done.


and those were the smelly, unfortunate events of the evening. twas cool tho



1. chikapappi - March 28, 2008

coool! they can do beanie bags!?! I want!

2. Olórin - March 28, 2008

Those PJs are tailor-made for the sluts! Petty Boop!

3. emaciaty/Boocmarc - March 28, 2008

really? u had to mention in ur blog that when u were watching tv all u remembered was food.. and u dont want me to call u a FATASS? .. loooooooll ….
and thanx for the kind consideration of making me a smaller chair .. i just think u should make a XL one for u :P

4. suspic - March 28, 2008

Is it the one in Yarmouk? If so, I want one with custom wheels under it. Perhaps a spoiler..

Sit on it, and have your friends carry you like a queen. =O

5. Chirp - March 29, 2008

Thats so funky .. is it for shalaih or not?

Why is the fawaneees shop for me?!?!?!

Brain not functioning will comment later.

6. intlxpatr - March 30, 2008

What is an il mo3alim? I might want to take your challenge!

Love the post, love your random eye. and nose!

The intro was the grossest part.

7. zainoba - March 30, 2008

The Beanie is soo cute!

8. This Lady - March 30, 2008

LOOOL.. the bean bag that looks like a sofa chair! maskeen he made it really “kashkha”..

ambaih i know how those places (mo3alim etc) smell like. TEARS, SWEAT AND BLOOD.

OK No hahaha i was kidding. It smells like stinking rotten havent-taken-a-bath-in-days-months-years men. Its a mix of all ethnicities’ sweat. A reflection of all the spices and veggies they eat. Garlic and Onion anyone?

9. N. - March 30, 2008

This Lady… lol, couldn’t you be a even more descriptive!

mrm… that couch is bloated.. looks like it just had a super sized meal..

10. G - March 31, 2008

HEHEHEHE you seem you had a looooot of fun :)

11. Mrm - April 1, 2008

chik-u want beanie bags or irani bean bags?

kaileena- im sticking w kaileena, that ok? hehehe why sluts???

emaciaty- really? with a face like urs ur ridiculing me? sktay la afth7ch wa76 soortich and let the readers see for themselves the slega that u r

suspic- la mo blyarmook. will it be ur ride til u get a license?

chirp-e chalet

intlx- plz go to ilmo3alim! there are many in kuwait. its those 100fils stores and all the bargain stores u see in hawalli, soog alsalmiya has a huge one and im sure fahaheel has some but im not sure where


thislady- i agree w N, what the hell i did not see that kind of descriptive ability coming! whoa! lol we3

n-guess who fell thru the cracks hehe

g- twas funf!

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