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Mubarak Musings April 6, 2008

Posted by Mrm in architecture & Travel, food, kuwait, random.

I heard that mbarak hospital has made extensive renovations in the past year or so, and today i had the unfortunate opportunity to see them. it was quite alright i guess… but i say unfortunate because in a country as wealthy as Kuwait, you’d fukn expect the place to be made of gold.

the ups and downs of a poorly planned project ahead.

i shall start with the ups.

i am so glad the hospital has evolved into one that actually uses signs instead of permanent marker scribbles  or notebook paper taped onto the door. alsof, the door knob is CLEAN…many ppl really dont value a clean door knob. the last place you wana have to touch a dirty door knob is in the hospital.  mbarak administration gets a doggy treat for this longly awaited occasion. +1

again, i cannot emphasize the often forgotten value of a clean hospital…reflections can be seen! and from the floor! this place was once dancing with rats! applaudf! Another treat, good boys. +1.

And as random as this is, at least the 18 Filipino muslims will have an ad3eeya book to read if they get sick. Who’re the good boys? you r! +1

intlx- ad3eeya=small book with excerpts of the Quran, im assuming in this case is to help the healing process spiritually.

and now, i will proceedf with the badf. Bad admin bad!

i mean it very literally when i say emaciaty wudnt be able to fit into this closet, severely emaciated as she is. mbarak? fuckfaces? 5million+ renovation budget and you couldnt make the closets just 10 inches wider? oh right…u each had to get that sports car for ur daughter, the Euro shopping sprees for ur wife, that house for your second wife, that apartment for ur north african mistress, the never ending investments u keep making knowing absolutely nothing about how it works and the bribes u r obligated to give so that ur money laundering will be hushed. ive over reacted, but ud be surprised how often this happens. -1

many people just cannot stand airplane food. its always complaints about the bread being too hard, the food too bland, the odor too strong and the choices too limited. next time ur snobby appetite starts bitching when ur being served a meal on a plane, think about what these sick ppl have to eat here at mbarak hospital in kuwait, one of the wealthiest countries in the world. were such a landfill of a waste.

torn wrappers, broken and possibly used containers, a stale kiri sandwich, and an unidentifiable slither of a slice pie…il7mdallah wishikr infashil. i am truly horrified and embarrassed.

i upload this ‘salad’ photo in disgust. -1

apparently, only the wards had been renovated. all the staircases, bathrooms and waiting halls have stayed just the same. not surprisingly, the photo below of the staircase is actually what some of the wards looked like. admin, u failf very miserably. -1

total rally:



because it is a tie, i have stated earlier that i guess the hospital was ok. i only felt diseased 15% of my time there, thats very good.

those were the meaningless, unfortunate critiques of my day. twas almost cool tho



1. G - April 6, 2008

Thats why this countries economy is going down. But people say no, and I think that if we remove all the people here who are asking for a lot of money, and then stealing some for them selfs and using some for the bribery, get kicked out. It will fix help a lot but dont forget in this country there are a lot of greedy son of a ****** and sick people who like to take control. Ahhh, I hate politics its just stupid everyone is for himself and they always lie.

2. N. - April 6, 2008

it is a good effort, and I’m glad at least there is something being done.. or was done…

3. Zed - April 6, 2008

i would rather die than be in that hospital, its still filthy

4. chikapappi - April 6, 2008

Zed lol! Well, it ain’t fancy nor is it that bad.. man, you should’ve seen the bathrooms !!!

5. Chirp - April 6, 2008

I told you how diseased I felt when I went with my father.

6. intlxpatr - April 6, 2008

Mrm, I love your blog, and you are wasting your talents. You need to be writing for a newspaper, my dear.

7. suspic - April 7, 2008

I have health insurance. =O

8. This Lady - April 8, 2008

eew i hate it. I hate it more than the Ameeri Hospital. God, this country is knee deep in oil and we have these rusty, bacteria filled hell holes to call hospitals.
Thank God I never needed to go there.. yet..

9. Boocmarc/emaciaty - April 10, 2008

being the emaciated reader, i have to give my input on this issue since i’m probably the most who needed to go to hospitals..
I have tried Ameeri, Mubarak, Sabah, Alrazi and the list goes on. In every case something screwed up .. they lost my blood samples twice in mubarak 6 years ago …
in razi when i cut my finger, the bandage wrap was loose and didn’t fit the the purpose of protecting the wound … plus there were buckets in the middle of the hallway because the ceiling was dripping water ( let me remind u there isn’t any rain in kuwait)
Ameeri miss diagnosed asthma attack for a panic attack and gave me sedative that shut down my lungs and turned me blue ..!

My advice, get health insurance and go to private hospitals. I haven’t set foot in these shit holes !!!! haven’t gone in 6 or 8 years..!

and thats my input.

10. Chirp - April 10, 2008

Boocmarc – im sorry bas im imagining u turning blue .. its killing me looooool!!!!!!! were u in ameeri when we visited u centuries ago?

11. Boocmarc/emaciaty - April 10, 2008

chirp- lool no .. embarak .. olaaah that was 10 years ago .. can u believe it .. 1998 !!!!

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